Hero Animals That Saved Human Lives| Best moment of 2023!

Published 2023-11-24
▽ Hero Animals That Saved Human Lives
Animals will always be there when humans need help… With their incredible courage, they are considered one of human's most precious friends. Tune in to witness these admirable moments right here on WOWTV!

▽ Timestamps:
4:56 | Hero Animals
13:24 | Animals save other animals
23:42 | Saving people
28:22 | Real life heroes

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  • @wowtveng66
    As we gear up for 2024, WOWTV has a little surprise cooked up for all our awesome fans and viewers who've been rocking with us this past year. Be sure to catch it at the end of the video dropping on December 30, 2023!
  • @carolsmith5020
    Cats are actually fierce, They will seriously mess you up if they choose to. They are courageous and brave.
  • @lilhedgehog8576
    We love it when humans rescue animals and it’s great that they can do the same for us.
  • @user-us5pv8zw3z
    I had a beautiful Weimaraner named Eli. He always knew when I was about to have a seizure. He’d stand on his hind legs, put his paws on my shoulder, and literally push me down to the ground. When I woke up, he’d be straddling me. He never left my side. I miss him very much.
  • @MonteCarlo111
    That dog who freed the fish didn’t even let the owner get near the water where he released him. Man, incredible.
  • @QueenSunstar
    My childhood cat started growling at a wall at one spot, even attacking the spot. My dad cut into the wall, turned white, ordered us out of the house, and called emergency services. Gas leak. One tiny spark, and the house would have gone up in flames. I was out in the pasture, doing repairs to a fence. Enchantment, our angus cow, charged me. My horse, Dawn barreled out of nowhere. I’ve never seen a cow turn that fast or that fast before. Dawn stayed by me while I finished the repair to the fence.
  • @Madminute1968
    Even after 55 years I will never forget and there will always be a special place in my heart for the fearless war dogs and their brave handlers in the Vietnam war June 67 to June 68 2nd Corps Qui-Nhon, Pleiku, these dynamic duo's of man and dog saved thousands of us from severe injury and worse with warnings when out there that there is danger in the vicinity, and till this day it still brings tears to my eye's
  • @user-uh2wn1sb6g
    It's amazing how much cats love their owners and how much they will defend them ❣️❣️❣️
  • @Hunter225
    Our oldest cat used to chase coyotes, raccoons, and dogs away from our yard. He died 2 weeks ago. Now we make sure our other 2 cats are inside before dark, and very watchful for coyotes, they come in the yard now.
  • I will never forget when we lived in a 2 bedroom basement apartment. One night a robber broke in, but into the wrong bedroom. In the bedroom was our Great Dane, an Australian sheepdog and a slightly feral cat. Hearing the commotion, we saw him trying to leave with the Dane holding onto his buttocks, the other dog holding his ankle and the on his back scratching his face. We called the animals off and told the police to check hospitals and clinics for someone with scratches and bite marks. No one ever attempted to break in again. Guess word got around of our protection.
  • @loisewanjiku694
    if only humans could be this compassionate,loyal and willing to help irregardless .
  • 4:30 can we admire how well trained that dog is? Instead of chasing it stayed inside the yard
  • If only humans were the same. What a wonderful world it would be. Be kind to animals always. They're beautiful souls❤❤❤
  • @johnpuff1226
    That 🦊 looked like it jumped off an invisible trampoline. Amazing dexterity of a leap for its life.
  • @Rosewolf29
    Pets are the greatest source of happiness and help. Watch the animals, they’re the best warning systems. My old dog Duke saved my life when I was 2. I owe him everything.
  • I've read about the old woman and her pig. When she had the heart attack, the pig went out on the road and everytime a car approached, he'd play dead, many cars avoided her until the young man stopped and followed the pig and got help.
  • To me here is the proof of the importance of these creatures in we humans lives. We keep them around even though they constantly are defecating and urinating on our stuff yet we keep them. That is how important they are to us
  • @SounderMom31
    13:34 That’s so adorable and the way it looks like the sweet pooch is almost “scolding” their owner for taking the fish away from their family. Just too cute. ❤❤❤ Guess they had a vegetarian dinner that night. 😂