Best Fails of the Decade | Try Not to Laugh

Published 2024-01-10
And next year wasn't any better. Which year failed hardest? ►►► Submit your videos for the chance to be featured 🔗 ▼ Follow us for more fails!

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All Comments (21)
  • @jbwarner8626
    Here's to ten years of unnecessarily blurring alcohol 👍
  • @ashrasmun1
    That's why I would never like to live in a world without idiots. Thank you for being yourself :)
  • That was very kind of all the men who helped the elderly woman when she fell. Bless you
  • @gregedwards8205
    the guy that inhales the whole cigarette, gets me everytime
  • @gamepapa1211
    Parkour lady with the motorcycle at 2:48 is my favorite. The very definition of epic fail.
  • @ColinWatters
    7:30 The climbing fall went from a fail to a near death experience when the fixing pulled out.
  • @not_really_slay
    3:39 made me dying😂. The way she said “broke” and then the toilet died. Those girls probably got a good bill
  • @npexception
    29:38 - 7 years later, and I still can't believe that the guy on the right thought it was a good idea to try and push his friends face into a cake with friggin CANDLES ON TOP
  • @lw3269
    In like 90% of these I think to myself: "How did you EXPECT this was going to go?"
  • @LoFoSho
    It’s been almost 10 years, but free taco gets me EVERYTIME
  • @WifeWantsAWizard
    (18:39) So, Robert Hooper, the guy who shoved that car "off of his land", was found not-guilty back in 2022-FEB. The guy driving the car had wiped out after drinking and driving.
  • @suzbone
    The dude in the sinking kayak will always be my fave lol
  • @Handyandy8888
    There’s just something sweeter about the ones from before 2020
  • @ThaGamingMisfit
    The yellow paint guy gets me every time, that's just perfection 🤣🤣
  • @harestyles
    Why do they blur things like alcohol But then they don't blur vapes And cigarettes??????????