Sharp Interrogates Blueface & Chrisean About Their Toxic Relationship!

Published 2023-01-19
Sharp and Gina Views welcome the infamous couple for a very interesting convo...





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All Comments (21)
  • sharp is the textbook definition of a narcissist. “we’re here for you “ then proceeds to embarrass and invalidate everything she says.
  • @stevena55
    There's a lack of intelligence on both sides, there's an abundance of alcohol abuse on both sides, there's manipulation by him, there's extreme anger issues by her, there's clearly mental and physical abuse on both sides. This whole situation is a giant mess. Being separated and sober would do wonders for both individuals.
  • @AliceLesedi
    If your man don't respect you, no one around will respect you either.
  • @dusteehorseman
    The fact we’re just figuring out she’s pregnant in this clip, yet she’s super drunk … bruh. 🚮🚮🚮
  • @emilyyduzit
    Sharp the perfect person for this interview, "This is your intervention today, we tricked you" had me screaming 🤣
  • @geneuviev
    She’s super sensitive and has extreme defensiveness. He enjoys how she makes him look more mature. Her irrational behavior makes him look better. But really they’re at the same maturity level behind closed doors. No mature person gunna stay around her like that fr.
  • This is prime example of how fame, drugs and alcohol can truly ruin someone’s life
  • @N4T4713
    She was defending herself. Feel she just struggled to articulate herself better because alcohol/emotions/dealing with a gaslighter(blue)/hostile interviewer etc
  • @bobbi412
    I like what the other woman said "By the time I have to call the man a bitch I'm already leaving" PERIOD
  • she’s completely valid in this. those men wouldn’t let her talk and gaslight tf out of her
  • @m1ni430
    Sharp explaining what passive aggressive means while being the definition of passive aggressive is hilarious to watch 😂
  • @MsTheNessa
    Sharp really really started it with her and set the tone of her whole mood. It's almost like him and blue pre planned this. It was a attack. She was 100% answering the questions they kept asking. They wanted her to admit to some bs. I AGREE IF YOU CALL ME A BITCH YOU A BITCH TOO!!! ALSO IF YOU START TO FIGHT ME IMMA FINISH! We all love that she is unapologetically her. THATS WHAT MAKES HER SO LOVED AND RELATABLE AND THE MOST FAMOUS OUT OF ALL OF THEM IN A VERY SHORT AMOUNT OF TIME. They gaslight her for views. Blue gets money way more with her than without her. But like a true narcissist he doesn't want her to have the credit. If she is that toxic why tf are you with her and not the woman you created a whole 4 people family with????????? Hhmmmmmm?!?!?!
  • @r.w.6556
    As someone who's been in an abusive relationship I can tell you, their behavior is typical. It is unhealthy, should not be promoted and is going to destroy both of their lives.
  • @dingo3077
    As an older black man, it’s shameful and sad that young men and women refer to each other in derogatory terms ie bitch, nigga, etc.. and they think it’s appropriate in any fashion, this shows as a people, we have devolved. Men, you couldn’t address a woman in my family as “bitch” like it’s ok. This would get you a slap in the mouth. You can’t claim to love that female if you’re fine with referring to her as a female dog (bitch)… no respect for that.
  • @kennythadon7087
    They talking about her like she not in the room and that's why she felt disrespected