Stunnagirl on Quitting Baddies, Being from the Streets, Working with YG & More

Published 2023-12-21
The one and only Stunnagirl linked up with Sharp and Bricc for an exclusive interview about her rough upbringing, her new music, the behind-the-scenes of Baddies, and more!

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All Comments (21)
  • @VirgoMedusa_888
    I like how her husband didn’t speak till spoken too and didn’t try to over power her interview. Then spoke so highly of her lol I like them so far and stunna growth from let it drip is CRAAZZZY can’t believe Zeus think they made her.
  • @sjwilliams123
    i like that she brings her husband with her. They’re a team and nobody will play with her or be disrespectful like they would if she was by herself.
  • @Megaman.ExE7
    One thing about Stunna Girl and her husband, you gotta respect how they clearly care for each other and have each other's back
  • I like how chill, laid-back, cool, calm, and collected Stunna is. She was the same way throughout the whole Baddies season. Compared to Natalie you can see how phony Natalie is and how she’s a karen playing a Zeus character and Stunna girl is literally genuinely just being her real authentic boss cool ass self… Natalie need a Zeus bag more than Stunna do, several thousand ain’t nothing to Stunna girl when she can make that up being herself instead of being fake, where is Natalie is being fake and complaining about a messed up bag that ended up being less than a thousand.
  • @user-ol3ic3rw1o
    Her husband was there to make sure sharp didn’t get out of pocket 😂
  • @Babyambss
    This one of my fave interviews , she’s so well spoken & I like how the guys gave her respect you don’t see that much on this channel lol. Her husband on her side just let her do her thing too , 💯 Love me some stunna girl
  • I always loved Stunna girl. Hearing her story is so inspiring. She literally did everything alone and became successful. Probs to her , not enough people give her credit. ❤ love you Stunna girl thank you for your transparency and sharing your story.
  • Finally gettin the shine she deserves, she really stand on business and real ones recognize it 🫡
  • @NatRants
    she’s actually a really good rapper. and everybody keeps talking about her dude, maybe she’s more comfortable with him there, and as long as he’s there dudes like Sharp won’t try to say any funny stuff, idk. i like her. 💎
  • @hazelhaywood777
    She seems so nervous at first…I’m glad she did this interview! This makes me like her because Baddies showed her in a bad light and I wasn’t feeling her on there! Good to see how she beat the odds 🙏🏽
  • @thehealtrix
    Love how honest & authentic she is! Hearing her background & how she elevated from the bottom makes me fw her even more…can’t wait till her album drops✨
  • Stunna is the definition of a real one ..who has the authenticity to rap how she does
  • @jorgiatodd8153
    I’ve never seen sharp have so much respect for a chick
    27:02 When Sharp takes off his sunglasses to tell @StunnaGirl how much he admires her story and hustle was 💯
  • @savarthur5692
    i have always admired stunna , she’s beautiful for starters ..her music 🔥 she raw asl n doesn’t take shit from nobody . she really came up from nothing and made it happen fr . she deserves the best 🩷
  • @antoniopena7306
    I like how uplifting and real this interview is. I’m glad I got to see a side of Stunna girl that Zeus didn’t show. I’m happy for her and all her accomplishments.
  • Ugh I’m glad sharp respected her cause she deserves it ( every women that comes on this podcast deserves to be treated with respect) but whatever! Sharp will learn eventually ❤
  • @KeepingIt100it
    Stunna is a young boss I can relate to a lot of her story, I been through it as well good to see her getting the shine she deserves!