Disney x Epic Games

Published 2024-02-07

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  • @varonvan6336
    This game has gone through so much evolution. Doesn’t even seem like the same game we all played 7 years ago
  • @bruh53791
    Mama coco gonna clip me dawg 💀💀
  • @GeekishGamer97
    When we said we wanted more Epic Mickey, we didn't think you'd take it like this.
  • @CHRIS_bot2
    Ain’t no way we got this colab before gta6💀💀😭😭😭
  • @Astr0sky
    Mickey boutta start cranking 90s 💀
  • Tinker bell flying at you with magic key swords is bouta be brutal
  • @Rynvids
    Excited to see Lightning McQueen hitting the griddy
  • @swoozie
    Imagine Remy from Ratatouille Dorito ramp rushing.
  • @softwareclinic
    kingdom hearts in fortnite would be great.. imagine a keyblade pickaxe. or a donald and goofy backbling for sora, and a mickey one for riku.
  • @CatDudeHD
    If wall-e joins the Fortnite he about to hit the griddy
  • @Mr_bukowski4435
    Hitting the griddy as Goofy and Peter Griffin sounds like a fever dream come true
  • The collaboration we never expected, and can't wait to play 😊
  • @Axzolth
    cant wait to see mickey and goku doing the griddy next to each other🗿