Legendary Dragon Scene Game of Thrones Season 5 (HD)

Published 2015-06-07
HBO's Game of Throne Season 5 Episode 9 Legendary Scene

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  • sara Lewis
    In this season drogon was like rebellious teenager but when he knows her mother is in danger he came to save her ❤️
  • Targaryen King
    and at this moment a Targaryen rode a dragon again.... after hundreds of years!!!
    This scene was indeed legendary and will continue to be so!
  • lisa
    When she climbed on Drogon, their bond was cemented. Always loved this scene. He always protected her. He was the only one that saw the iron throne as the true enemy. Loved when he melted it.
  • Eric Read
    Ah back when the show had a story, plot, and direction. Before the dark times, before the Season 8.
  • I loved the three dragons so much and i cried so much when two of them died!The love they had for their mother,so priceless!
  • Alexander
    The only criticism I have of this truly amazing scene is that Dany tells Drogon to fly. In the book she climbs on his back to dislodge a spear, and he choses to fly her away from danger. Dany telling Drogon to fly is out of character, as I think she would never chose to abandon her friends and allies in harms way, least of all Missandie.
    There are not words enough to express how iconic this scene is
  • Myla-Jane
    The amount of legendary scenes she had, they give me goosebumps honestly…my queen did not deserve that end
  • Ms MKD
    Props to the special effects folk on GOT. Not only are the dragons absolutely amazing, but what they do, like burning the soldiers, flying...all so realistic. You made us SEE fantasy
  • I just love how she looks at Drogon - sure she is relieved that she is now safe, but I feel it is true "motherly" love. She is just happy to see him again, like a mother whose teenager son ran away to be in a rock band when he was a
  • This scene is stronger than it looks at first sight. This scene has been preceded by scenes where extensive doubts were raised by one and all, even Tyrion, about dragons and the power of Daenerys. The people involved in this process of diminishing belief in the power of Daenerys were all present in this fight.
  • Wizard Suth
    From this I learned three things:
    1. Dragons are really dangerous opponents, so much so that their main weapon is intimidation: few would dare attack one.
    2. Dragons are intelligent creatures, and recognize when someone wants to help them.
    3. That lady has extraordinarily courage.
  • Kakooza Martie
    Emilia Clarke is really a magnificent actress"" the way she looks at the dragon is not someone whose seeing a rescue*but a mother seeing a long lost child *u can see the love in her eyes 😁😁 wow
  • Play Shorts
    Dany flying off is the most legendary scene, I remember how in awe I was when I first saw it. I was so happy and excited, legendary... Now that HoTD is here, we will see more of the awesomeness of dragons breathing fire. I can't believe they almost made a spin off focused on the children of something something. I'm glad they chose to focus on the Targaryens
  • Maiya
    I'm watching this 10/2022 and this scene still gives me chills. It still brings tears of joy to my eyes. This was such a wonderful scene.
  • Mary Beth Leib
    I can’t resist a good dragon!!! My other favorite scene is when Danny flies in on him to the meeting with Cerse Lannister. Perfect entrance to let Cerse know she was not the least bit intimidated by her!
  • I love that Drogon was rebellious but when his mom needed him, he was there to protect her.
  • TH
    Tyrion was potentially the best character in the entire show. His reactions to the crazy things that happen provide so much humanity.

    You can tell he's just in complete awe at the incredible nature of the moment.
  • A
    Here after the season finale to remember when the show was great, and to stop my tears.