Published 2024-02-03
Hermitcraft Season 10 is here! Welcome to this brand new Minecraft world, on the freshly updated Hermitcraft server. In Hermitcraft 10: Episode 1 we start a new Minecraft world properly, with first day Minecraft mining, a Grian Demise mini game, and the Hermitcraft Mining co-op competition. I build a Minecraft starter base that I can't access. Hermitcraft Season X is going to be awesome!

Filming channel: youtube.com/user/ThatMumboJumbo2
Instagram: www.instagram.com/officialmumbo/
Twitter: twitter.com/ThatMumboJumbo

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  • @ThatMumboJumbo
    Hope you all enjoy the start of this new Hermitcraft season! I can't wait to play together with all my friends. Also, please nobody mention that I started on chapter 2.
  • @Nephelangelo
    Hypno saying “I think we should organize. That’s what Ren would have wanted.” is the funniest thing I’ve ever heard. 😂
  • @arg3nti
    9:43 "What the hel-- What the heck?" - Mumbo Jumbo, 2024
  • @itsLumosASMR
    i love this aggressively confident mumbo omg. he ain't taking crap from no one
  • @matthewf6164
    24:30 Hey Mumbo, professional engineer (Not PE, just an engineer professionally) here. You jumped about 12 meters into a puddle of infinitely generating water about half a meter thick. We're probably about 4 episodes away from someone building an island floating in the sky. I think we can suspend some of our disbelief about a crane arm being slightly too long.
  • @MCisAwesome95
    3:23 For anyone wondering, the binary code on that blue notebook paper in the corner translates to "I MISS MY DADS". The paper says the binary was printed by Grumbot. I love this easter egg so much
  • @saintmayhem9873
    Everyone Else: Starter base. iskall: abomination Mumbo: Ornament?
  • @jessirarara
    I need far more people to notice... and laugh... at Joe saying "All rendogs go to heaven" when Ren died. I need that to be recognized more xD because everytime I watch this bit from a different hermit's perspective and see that pop up in chat I cackle.
  • @Ethansale27
    “Typical sweed giving it to me in a flat pack” had me dying Edit: I apologise SWEDE
    Mumbo building an intricate, detailed starter base only to then realise he can't actually get in it or live in it is the most Mumbo start to a season of Hermitcraft ever.
  • @pan1337
    “Iskall I am brimming with rage.” Should go in some sort of Mumbo quote log
  • @legogenius22
    3:24 while the quote is indeed absolute gold, the easter eggs from prior seasons are really neat. Sahara coin, instructions from odea, mumbo for mayor, the key to horse, the report on one of the times grian put a potato into a redstone system. So cool. This season is gonna be incredible.
  • @GhostGecko
    9:53 ''typical swede, giving it to me in a flat pack'' IM DYING THATS SO GOOD
  • @planktonfx
    In case anyone was wondering, the binary from Grumbot on the graphics at 1:44, 3:23 etc. translates to "I MISS MY DADS I MISS MY DADS I MISS MY DADS"
  • @oggtastic
    The Mumbo/Stress combo was the funniest part of episode one to me. They gel so well and I didn't stop laughing at their antics.
  • 2:00 Absolutely love how mumbo was about to mine iron with a wooden pickaxe. A spoon moment at the 2 minute mark!😁
  • @carpedm9846
    "Apart from 0" Man I wish mumbo was in a hermitcraft season with the 0 digit in it, I wish 10 had a 2nd digit
  • @412parakeets9
    27:01 Only Mumbo can spend a large part of an episode building a base, and then only upon finishing realize he can’t get into it. But that’s why we love you, mumbo
  • @etyrnus
    Mumbo, simple explanation on the boat if you think about it. It's magic. Your character never grabs the oars, it paddles itself.