the thing no one will say about Apple Vision Pro

Published 2024-02-03

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  • @JordanStuddard
    Happy to help film this one! Please don’t ever FaceTime me with your Persona again thanks
  • It was so funny to watch people stare in pure confusion as he tries to feed his donut to the virtual dinosaur 😂
  • @LR11306
    I already think we're on our phones ignoring the people around us too much. This is just dystopian AF 😂
  • @SunsOfGod
    The fact that everyone is so desensitized to see that these glasses are turning humans into first person surveillance is astonishing.
  • @leokimvideo
    All I know is Steve Jobs would never give anything like this a green light
  • That gentleman at 2:30 is security for my office building. He’s an amazing guy, what a treat to see him on here
  • @ethanwasson6963
    This genuinely terrifies me for what’s to come in the next few decades
  • @PeterMcKinnon
    The cut away of you holding the donut up killed me. LOL.
  • @panja898
    What everybody needs in their life is EVEN MORE INTERNET.
  • @felipesanin1808
    In 30 years when we have this tech in contact lenses this video is going to be a classic. Like the first experience with atari footage
  • @SoDamnMajestic
    A few years back, I was playing SuperHot VR and got a text, so I kinda looked down through the bottom of the goggles and responded to the text, went back to the game, ducked behind a desk for cover, and realized I was still holding my phone, so I set it on the desk and it hit the floor and shattered because the desk was in the game and my phone was in real life. For a split second my brain couldn't tell the difference. It changed my perspective on VR from being a gimmick to a potentially life changing thing.
  • @nicopaolo
    I remember hearing Casey talk about how anytime people ask for a picture with him, he takes their phone so he can take the picture cause otherwise people want to retake a bunch of times so he was like “fuck it I’ll do it”
    It was funny to see that in action in this video 😂
  • @nuqi
    The vision pro seems like such a cool but also potentially dangerous piece of tech. It's interesting to see how it could impact our daily lives and interactions. Definitely a thought-provoking video!
  • @TheDomainGPCE
    Ah yes people’s sense of awareness to the real world and being even more distracted is just what society needs!

    This was a great video but I really don’t think we need screens in front of our faces all the time.
  • @Eddy_E.
    The most interesting point for me that it is already so good that you get really into it in a so short time…
    When I get it right you get the vision, set it up and directly after that you done this video, so just one day and you got already the true feeling of AR…
    That’s just amazing cuz that is just exactly what AR should be, the integration from the digital into the real world, that is just the barebone idea of AR and Apple seems to nailed it…
    Just impressive…
  • I love that technology has reached a point where its no longer amazing, but it’s amazing to think about what it might be capable of if it advances exponentially for like 10 years
  • @mtlseez
    To quote the late David Foster Wallace, "the technology is just gonna get better and better and better and better. And it's gonna get easier and easier, and more and more convenient, and more and more pleasurable, to be alone with images on a screen, given to us by people who do not love us but want our money. Which is all right. In low doses, right? But if that's the basic main staple of your diet, you're gonna die. In a meaningful way, you're going to die.” But yeah, enjoy your adventure Casey.
  • This is a great video Casey! I appreciate you testing the real world function of this device. I found it interesting that your reaction at the end was much different than thoughts while watching. My thoughts were that maybe we're headed down a path that will leave us more isolated and separate from one another. Is it "boomerish" of me to have an inclination to abstain from this type of tech?