Using Apple Vision Pro: What It’s Actually Like!

Published 2024-01-31
Everything you need to know about using Apple Vision Pro

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Headset provided by Apple for review.

0:00 Intro
1:14 This is a VR headset
4:23 The Battery
6:21 The Controls
8:24 VisionOS
10:21 Passthrough
12:37 Full Immersion
13:45 The Keyboard
15:03 What Does It Actually Do?
18:44 The "Killer App"
21:38 Mac Virtual Display
23:53 The Eyes
27:16 Personas
32:12 Facetimes
35:35 Review Preview


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  • @Ninja-ts6fb
    Can't wait to hear the ''scratches at level 6, with deeper grooves at level 7'' This didn't aged well.
  • @Wynnsanity
    23:00 unfortunately wearing the Vision Pro will likely also start an annoying awkward conversation too lol
  • @zsht
    Peak MKBHD is describing the real sensation of his finger and thumb making contact as ‘haptic feedback’ 😂😂
  • @beeonthyme5760
    As a housebound disabled person, it's worth it because you are able to be excited and passionate about the world around you, even if you can't walk anymore
  • @TonyJacobs-ii3nh
    One of the best tech reviews ive ever seen. i wasn't bored a bit and half and hour passed like it was 10 to 12 minute. great video as always
  • @c4knowledge562
    If I buy one of them I would forget to close all the window and like 20 tabs would be distributed in my house 😂😂😂
  • @yatoyoboku
    "dont sit too close to the tv you'll go blind" now we strap them to our faces lul
  • @crude420
    15:00 "If it is a URL that you can say it out loud." lmao.
  • @Chrizbent
    26:21 Dude looked like a long lost family member greeting him in the afterlife xD
  • @MrBibblington
    The fact that this is your second most viewed video of all time in the history of your channel (25 million within a four week time period at the time of posting this comment) says a lot about the popularity of this product. You’ve made a lot of brilliant videos in the many years you’ve been on this platform, and you gained 25 million views on this insanely fast, and it says a lot. Absolute insanity. Obviously the amount of views gained in this case is not just down to the popularity of the product, but it’s also down to the popularity of you. You’ve always made high-quality, informative, well produced and well edited videos. I love that your main goal is to inform customers of everything they need to know before making purchases or even after making purchases. You were a good egg. Keep up the hard work and I say that not just yourself Mark but to your entire team. Thank you for all you do.
  • @jongottenbos532
    15:00 "If it's a URL you can say out loud" lol my man already knows what people are gonna use this device for 😂😂
  • @IamJofin
    When he said, "...using it for about a week now," I smirked 😂 Classic MKBHD
  • @markconroy9033
    Definitely one of the most in-depth an informative reviews I have ever seen on anything whatsoever. You so very clearly relayed the experience and nature of the Vision Pro. I had absolutely no idea what this gadget was about since I've had very limited exposure to VR but now I get it. Thank you for the amazing walk-through.
  • @travishansen843
    One of the best reviews I’ve watched in a very long time. Thank you!