Using Apple Vision Pro: What It’s Actually Like!

Published 2024-01-31
Everything you need to know about using Apple Vision Pro

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Headset provided by Apple for review.

0:00 Intro
1:14 This is a VR headset
4:23 The Battery
6:21 The Controls
8:24 VisionOS
10:21 Passthrough
12:37 Full Immersion
13:45 The Keyboard
15:03 What Does It Actually Do?
18:44 The "Killer App"
21:38 Mac Virtual Display
23:53 The Eyes
27:16 Personas
32:12 Facetimes
35:35 Review Preview


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  • @Wynnsanity
    23:00 unfortunately wearing the Vision Pro will likely also start an annoying awkward conversation too lol
  • @svenf1
    I normally don't watch review videos this long, but given the crazy price tag of that product I did it anyway, and your review is very thorough and informative. You're a great, enjoyable presenter!
  • Imagine getting into a Youtube Shorts binge with these. Pretty dystopian if you ask me.
  • @JLTSoft
    I am not an Apple fan and do not use any Apple products (except for maybe Apple TV in order to watch Masters of the Air), but I found this video to be extremely well done, thorough, and informative. Nice job, sir. It was well worth my time to watch it.
  • One of the best tech reviews ive ever seen. i wasn't bored a bit and half and hour passed like it was 10 to 12 minute. great video as always
  • @Ninja-ts6fb
    Can't wait to hear the ''scratches at level 6, with deeper grooves at level 7''
  • I love how you review things very well. you don't skip or miss every little details. you are so good brother!!!
  • @Philip11v22
    9 days old video and already your second most popular video ever. Crazy and well done Marques 👍
  • @markconroy9033
    Definitely one of the most in-depth an informative reviews I have ever seen on anything whatsoever. You so very clearly relayed the experience and nature of the Vision Pro. I had absolutely no idea what this gadget was about since I've had very limited exposure to VR but now I get it. Thank you for the amazing walk-through.
  • @baberkhanbk
    One of the best tech reviews ive ever seen. i wasn't bored a bit and half and hour passed like it was 10 to 12 minute. great video as always ❤
  • @tatahtadiad8645
    Hello Marcus Brownlee. I think I would like to shed some light on the matter about what you said about turning the vision pro of. They are actually two buttons on the top of the vision pro which if you click simultaneously the message pops up asking you if you want to turn off or not. So you don't necessarily have to disconnect the power supply
  • @DoctorEyeHealth
    Thanks for all the details. I am super interested in the eye alignment and tracking for the device, same for the correction ability/focus. I know prescription lenses can be ordered for the device through Zeiss but I wonder how it will work if you have limited vision, such as people with only one eye (monocular) or if someone has amblyopia (lazy eye). I also wonder how it tracks the eyes if someone has limited eye movements - such as Duanes syndrome/ brown syndrome or other limitations.
    There are already some medical tools that can track the eyes and help measure and diagnose eye alignment issues and I wonder if this device may be even more accurate for that.
    Considering the price tag, perhaps this technology will be easily adopted by the medical industry. Thoughts?

    Of course, then there is the question if long-term use will influence eye health/ myopia development, especially in young children. Would be awesome to get some of the eye care professionals from the dev team to talk about these questions.
    Great content as always! thanks.
  • @mikelastname
    It wasn't until I got 33:00 minutes into this that I started to get excited - this ability to direct attention to individuals is a really important capability, especially for those of us who work remotely but manage teams. What a great review.
  • @LeoSalemann
    Thanks for a great review. Playing ping pong is the best way I've seen to demonstrate the passthru quality (pixels & frame rate).
  • @travishansen843
    One of the best reviews I’ve watched in a very long time. Thank you!
  • @panomaniac5399
    Wow! That may be the best product review I've ever watched. I'm new to this channel and more impressed with Marques than the AVP.
  • @kopilkaiser8991
    I really enjoy watching your reviews. Your information, feedback, and all the thoughts do come together. The edits are smooth and the quality of your videos are top-notch. Thank you for providing us with such great reviews to be able to understand all the new technologies dynamically and straight out of the box. You do help to understand the products really close and help us to buy them without any fuss. 😊✌️😎
  • @EsenMuzik
    Great review. And what a time to be alive. But I think a couple of updates later the vision pro would start making at least some noise while trying to cool down the system.
  • @A_99_R
    I’ve just realised that Marques’s videos are the perfect width to hit the bottom of the notch (well…for me on a xs max. Probably for other notched Apple devices as well)