Conan's Trip To Ireland | Late Night with Conan O’Brien

Published 2020-03-17
(Original air date: 3/17/99) Conan visits O'Brien Castle and asks people on the street if they know any O'Briens in Ireland.

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Conan's Trip To Ireland | Late Night with Conan O’Brien

All Comments (21)
  • @zeplyn-r6
    “And the most famous Irish American: Shaquille O’Neil” Gold
  • Alright now we need conan goes to Ireland part 2 knowing that he's 100% irish
  • @urtalkintogus
    There's something beautiful about the way old cameras portray the colors of the town
  • Awww the little boy he pulled out of class is so cute. He looks a little scared. Bless the little lad🥰
  • @Najvalsa
    Gotta say I understand why he's built so thin and tall now. With all of that wind up there at his home, you have to be designed like a stork. He can glide with the wind or let it pass around him. He's built like the opposite of a parachute.
  • @advythoh
    That kid in the end patiently listening and saying 'Yessir' stole my heart.
  • @user-yb1dg8oj6x
    The little guy is now almost in his 30's. He'll come to seek the promised soon..
  • @hotdamndan9892
    Just realized that Ireland should've been a damn Conan without Borders episode!
  • @michael2305
    "Nah, she ain't that bad" that bloke killed me.
  • @rochellepaws
    This looks so retro now, Conan should come back here again since he's actually well known in Ireland now! ☘️
  • @mbanka7362
    Seeing a 20 year old bit and not a shade outdated, he has such a natural gift of comedy.
  • @Najvalsa
    '99. Dang. Back when he was in his early 70s.
  • @isaaclee5123
    Alternate title: Irish lamp post returns to his home street
  • @AAlrayes13
    I accidentally dropped my phone on my head while watching the video and when this came 2:01 i almost thought i lost my ability to understand english 😂
  • @SuperBC1975
    Ah, the good old days where you could actually go out to a bar.
  • @poopnoodle9563
    Conan running after his hat in the wind covered in dirt in a field is the most Irish hes ever looked.
  • @3fammy
    6:21 that boy is so adorable and sweet by seriously responding to Silly Conan 😂