Jennifer Lopez on Meeting Her Idol Barbra Streisand, Turning 55 on Tour & Becoming an Action Star

Published 2024-05-20
JLo talks about Brie Larson being a gigantic fan of hers and fangirling on the Golden Globes red carpet, meeting her idol Barbra Streisand, rehearsing for her big tour, celebrating her 55th birthday while she’s on tour in Tulsa, Oklahoma, her twins being sixteen, her big new action movie Atlas, her favorite action movie of all time, and whether or not she would ever be a judge on “American Idol” again.

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All Comments (21)
  • Not Jennifer getting hate left and right and Jimmy starting with “one of the most beloved women on earth” 😂
  • She’s so professional, no matter what’s going on in her life she’s always poised and classy.
  • Apparently she’s smart enough to not be affected by all the media hype and all negativity she’s been getting I think she’s a warrior and carries the load well. I wish her growth in the areas needed, and spiritual enlightenment with truth which is what we all need.
  • @wanieharun87
    There's bunch of haters and there's JLO with her phenomenal work ethic. She will be fine. Love her!
  • @louiscorral3254
    Thanks Jimmy She needed the love and it was an amazing interview.
    We love you Jlo
  • @dudaresende955
    I start to go to gym after seeing JLo in a so good shape at 55. So inspiring . I want to loose 10 kg . If I succeed I’m going to be update my comment. Guys take care .
  • @themachine8009
    Loved how she said “everyone knows Slash” me being a groupie of GnR made my day
  • @susanhoffman8
    I'm sure that there was an agreement to not mention Ben, if she has the interview.
  • @bobbullethalf
    55 years old? I cannot believe it, 55 years old looks a lot different than it used too.
  • @markoosh
    "One of the most beloved women on earth"
    bro started out with a roast lmao
  • @Chafalota
    🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣I can't believe she just compared her movie to True Lies. Those are EXCELLENT ACTORS👍🏼👍🏼💯💯
  • @marykay_zy
    It doesn't matter what people saying or thinking about her, in any way, I love her so much.❤ She's very talented woman, her voice, her dance moves, her acting charisma... In all those things
  • Not a flaw on her and a lively interview. She’s the whole package. Good for her!
  • I have to say i love Jennifer Lopez in Maid in Manhattan, and Wedding Planner, Selena, shes a great Actress-
  • @adamybanez6800
    She seems to be in a good space. I like her personality. I like this J.Lo 👌