Emily Blunt on Daughters Obsession with Ryan Gosling & Husband John Krasinski vs Australian Spider

Published 2024-04-29
Emily talks about being on Howard Stern, presenting at the Oscars with Ryan Gosling, how she feels when people compliment her, learning about the birds and the bees, her new movie The Fall Guy, her daughters being star-struck over Gosling, and her husband John Krasinski being afraid of a huge spider in Australia.

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All Comments (21)
  • @michaeljohn1978
    They missed an opportunity to say Howard and Emily had a stern and blunt conversation
  • @mariar6539
    The fact that Emily used the phrase “Never Nude” just made me love her a thousand times more.
  • John and Emily used to live across the street from Jimmy, now they live in the same apartment building as Matt Damon. Jimmy must hate that.
  • She seems genuinely sweet and wickedly funny .. and her husband is the same what a great couple to have as friends . Always enjoyable when either of them is on the show ❤
  • @jmg999
    "Ryan Gosling has more chemistry than a meth lab." -- Emily Blunt, 2024
  • @MJ18888
    Emily’s mum has John Krasinski and Stanley Tucci as son-in-law!
  • @Pieter-ns5nv
    Ryan Gosling is one of the few persons that when he enters a room he just owns it.
  • @padmefoster1543
    Emily Blunt has such amazing class and charm... And then she makes me cry of laughter every. single. interview. The woman is basically perfect
  • @S.Shea2432
    Emily Blunt is a down to earth, humble, absolute BEAUTIFUL Gem!! 💜💜
  • “And the Oscar goes to……Emily Blunt” 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
  • John K is such a lucky man! I loved the whole interview, especially the spider story and Jimmy defers to two Austin's in the back row....you could tell he had 'warmed up' the audience, singling the girls out! He is the most fluid host, EVER!
  • @LJE1821
    My hobby is to watch all Emily Blunt interviews, I really love her 🩷
  • @jwanie366
    I don't blame John for his reaction to that big spider; I probably would've done the same thing. Thanks for sharing that story, Emily!
  • @RyanM268
    The Fall Guy looks to be such a fun and awesome comedy-action movie! I will definitely see it.
  • lmao the conversation keeps going back to Ryan! Everyone's obsessed with him.
  • @S.Shea2432
    When Jimmy talked about Emily, & Ryan Gosling presenting at the Oscars all I can think about is when Jimmy featured their Oscar presentation in his "Unnecessary Censorship" the next week!! 🤣💜