I Survived a $10 TRILLION Bounty

Published 2023-05-16
I Got Hunted By All Players on My Minecraft Server... I basically survived a $10 TRILLION bounty. This video is the highest bounty I've ever had, each bounty totaling to 10 trillion dollars. Watch till the end to see me get to the highest bounty.

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All Comments (21)
  • The faces he made after escaping a trap almost gave me a heartattack
  • @fogartyfox592
    Good luck with the move today Donut, well done for posting a video.
  • @n3xqn
    i remember fighting King in 2021 and he was already so crazy back then. nice that he finally gets recognition as one of the best cpvpers
  • @jle646
    How did you claim the 11T bounty at the end of the video? Did you kill your self or did you have a friend kill you then give you the 11T? Also great video!
  • Donut I love your videos keep up the great work but what texture pack do you use or any resource pack for Minecraft PvP?
  • @Iamnotreal656
    5:40 that music in backround and them croucing after saving you was EPIC!!!! srry for my bad english
  • Btw. the guys from 9:20 are germans and “Werkzeug” means basically tools in case you were wondering, Donut
  • @legendplayer6449
    He is timing is litteraly INSANE in pvp.He is my favourite youtuber now.
  • @sung4m
    I love the surviving bounty’s but what would be ever better is a video of him being a bounty hunter and killing people in creative ways
  • @levinlanz1015
    Hello Dr. Donutt I celebrate your videos and have subscribed to them myself on Yotube. I play Donut SMP weekly with my friends. This is mega fun for us even though sometimes I don't have the best connection because my internet at home is not that good. One of my friends is called Tobliomin on Donut SMP. He is 16 years old, and was perma banned on 25 05 2023. Since he apparently dupped enchanted golden apples. But I can promise you that he did not do this intentionally. No, actually he did nothing at all. He just bought very cheap enchanted apples under /ah. But then last night he was banned Perma. This is a great pity, because he is quite rich on Donut SMP. Therefore, I would think it very fair if he could be unbanned. If not, I would love it if they can answer my comment. Have a wonderful day JosimanGHG
  • @aditip6695
    The reason ur bounty goes up every video is because ur server has major inflation of money and duping ofc
  • @Lorenzo-nd2fn
    bro will becom the most wanted guy in the one piece universe 🤣