You've Never Seen A Wheelchair Like This

Published 2024-03-23
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Shout out to Thunder Laser for sending us an amazing laser cutter that makes prototyping our builds

Thank you to Gem Beauty Studio for transforming me into my wheelchair-expert alternate self!

Thanks to these folks for providing some of the music in the video:
Ponder - @Pondermusic
Laura Shigihara - @supershigi
Andrew Applepie -
Blue Wednesday -
Gabriel Albuquerque -…
Danijel Zambo -…

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  • @MarkRober
    If any of you hack the Cash Cannon I’m gonna be ticked. Have fun learning to be resilient with CrunchLabs and get 2 FREE boxes at
  • Honestly I think the real hero of this video is his dad. Everyone needs a father like that.
  • Brought tears here when I heard the dad say that kid even understands what resilience over resistance means. We can't find full grown adults getting that concept.
  • @atchomama123
    Cash’s sister is the best! She really let her brother have the shine. It also seemed like she was genuinely happy for him. What a great sister!
  • shoutout to cash's family, the parents for being so supportive and encouraging, and the sister for being all smiles even when she isn't the center of attention, happy for her brother
  • @pleskbruce
    "I could help you, but you'd never know if you could do it on your own." Greatest positive statement ever told by a dad to his son or daughter. And despite all the barriers, these amazing parents fought to have this child. He must know how much he is loved.
  • His dads excitement when he got over that lip in the wheelchair was the most heartwarming thing ever!!
  • @YouTube
    Cash will have this memory to last a lifetime ❤
  • @xattix
    I'd like to shout out the sister. It can be hard not being the one getting attention at that young age but she's all smiles and happy for her brother.
  • Brother, you earned a subscriber today... Someone I love dearly deals with DMD, you're brilliant mind and shining heart has shown in this video that people can be soo compassionate and caring that we can ease other's suffering if we care enough. Keep up the great work, You're the best!!
  • @AudraK
    This is the most wholesome video to ever exist. Not to mention Cashs parents are truly angels on earth. I’ve never seen such a supportive and positive family in my life. You could not ask for a better set of parents. I absolutely wish the best for that family. You have filled my heart with joy. ❤
  • @imyasharya
    Mark, you're an inspiration for me to become an engineer that does not only look for money, but the joy and impact you can create in other's life.
  • @JadeW2613
    Thank you for this Video. I've been going through a rough time lately but seeing the determination of Cash and his joy using his new chair cut through some of the negative. 💕
  • @GrumpCatMara
    This a great example of “do it yourself” parenting. Constant communication and encouragement so that the child doesn’t just feel overwhelmed or abandoned.
  • @CLiss15
    This kid's dad is a hero. Tremendous patience and love.
  • @EricBurns1
    "There's no motor on that thing?" "These!" 💪 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
  • @yeeeluigi
    Bro as soon as cash wakes up he goes on on the cash cannon,it’s over💀