I got my wisdom teeth out

Published 2023-06-09

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  • @yumyumcarrots
    Only anesthesia can cure Ryan's social anxiety and awkwardness.
  • @notcardi
    ryan: "look whos taking care of me" haley:"i was hired off craigslist"
  • @Swimweaper
  • @YouTube
    unexpected perk of getting wisdom teeth out: playing video games 😎🎮 hope you're feeling better ryan!
  • @emathewiggle
    not ryan looking like a middle age man with 3 kids and a sad job with no friends while his face is swollen up😭
  • @Remmyroller
    I admire this man’s sense of humor after going through such tough surgery lol
  • @thiccbunda
    ryan constantly reminding haley how much he loves her whilst on drugs is so freakingg wholesome. you can tell he values her so much
  • @haleypham
    I’d take care of you even if you were 105 Pookie bear 😍😍😍
  • @ITSbibble41
    It’s good to know that there are good people in this world. And there are also crazy. And anxious. He’s a little bit of everything. Great job Ryhan!
  • @matejkoooo
    I love how everyone is so wholesome after getting their wisdom teeth out
  • @Mrminifig
    seeing ryan act like a sleepy child is genuinely hilarious
  • @georgiabravo4803
    Hey Ryan! I found this video as I’m going through my wisdom teeth removal recovery. Been enjoying watching your videos during this journey 😷
  • I love how childish and sleepy ryan acts lol ik its how most ppl act when they lose their wisdom teeth but cmon its adorable lol
  • when ryan just reached for the mirror and did nothing got the whole quad laughing😂
  • ryan serenading haley with elvis while on drugs is so wholesome
  • @cyndriana
    haley and ryan are just so cute, their dynamic is everything