Turning paint thinner into cherry soda

Published 2023-06-01
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For this video, I attempt to turn toxic and nasty paint thinner into some beautiful and amazing tasting cherry soda. If I am successful, I can add it to my soda collection, along with my plastic glove grape soda!

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Nile talks about lab safety:    • Chemistry is dangerous.  

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All Comments (21)
  • @OxTheHerdzz
    That relatable moment when you're trying to turn pain thinner into an artificial cherry flavor but you accidently make tear gas instead. We've all been there.
  • @bluegg996
    When you’re at 15/45 minutes and the process is almost done you know something went terribly wrong
  • @supernenechi
    Awesome how paint thinner, cancer vapor juice and ozone depletor juice combined to make either tear gas or cherry flavor, depending on the mood of the chemicals apparently.
  • @samchop157
    I like how you described paint thinner as “bad tasting” as if you’ve tried it
  • @umbrellatime
    Ah yes chemistry: the only field in which one mistake could turn your cherry flavor into tear gas
  • @CriticoolHit
    Nile: "I'm going to make cherry stuff" Also Nile: "I've accidentally tear gassed myself" I love you Nile.
  • @fennecwolfox
    Chromyl chloride like "AFTER 10,000 YEARS, I'M FREE!" and then immediately sealed again lmao
  • @kimjongun689
    Niel's kid :- dad can i have a cheery soda please. Niel:- we have cherry soda at home ( proceeds to pull out the armory of flasks and dangerous chemicals)
  • @charles3840
    If the 5 stages of grief were chemicals, I think he went through them all: - Paint thinner - Chromyl Chloride - Tear gas - An ozone depleter - Cherry flavor
  • @avs.12_
    i like how "horrible tasting" came before "toxic", his priorities are in the right place
  • @itz_poliwag20
    i think we can learn 2 lessons from this: 1. Never trust things that come really easily 2. cherry soda is worth everything
  • Dude, I instantly remembered the toxic blood flask and the way you sealed it, and busting the glass tip open and pouring that mad creation back out is the best thing I've seen in ages.
  • @Whooooooops
    Nigel accidentally making tear gas while trying to make cherry flavor is the most on brand thing ever
  • @b0illin_mud0ne79
    The fact that he tried making cherry soda and instead ended up with a war crime is so in character of him
  • @somewagyuenjoyer
    Nile can really go from accidentally creating tear gas, making cherry-flavored tear gas, to making benzaldehyde
  • @nitrodasnipaz9392
    It's genuinely terrifying how close paint thinner, cherry flavor, and tear gas can be chemically
  • @-sillykitty-
    nigel: things are going well 20 more minutes left
  • @Violant3
    22:08 that's a revelation, i thought nile's lab was a complete black and white void