Walter Brennan Was The Most Evil Man in Hollywood

Published 2024-04-16
Walter Brennan Was The Most Evil Man in Hollywood

More than 50 years after his death, the nearly forgotten memories of Walter Brennan are relived in the minds of all who hear of him, although not for palatable reasons. Known for being the first actor to win the Best Supporting Actor Award three times, Walter’s versatility in his movies and his resilience to push forward have been his notable traits, however, his controversial views are what he’s infamous for today. How did a beloved actor come to be known as the most evil man in Hollywood? Let’s find out!

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  • @rosek2967
    He would lose his mind if he saw what's going on in America today.
  • He wasn't any different than a lot of people during the cold War, building bunkers. He is no way the most evil man in Hollywood. There were and are more evil men than him.
  • @roypittasr
    No, he was not evil except by today’s cancel culture standards. He was a man who stood by his principles, right or wrong. At least he wasn’t a phony, as so many in Hollywood are and have been.
  • @janewalls58
    He was one of the best actors back in those days.
  • @OcotilloTom
    Let him who is without sin cast the first stone.
  • @namwob77
    Great man who stood up for what he believed.
  • @miketerry6036
    Turns out Walter was right about the communists. He was just 50 years ahead of time.
  • @user-xt2cs3bo5k
    Compared to the evil in Hollywood today Brennan would be considered a choir boy!
  • @kimballbond2322
    I was fortunate enough to visit the Desilu Studio with my father at the age of 11. They took us onto the set of the real McCoys where I got to meet Richard Crenna and Walter Brennan. My memory of Mr Brennan was totally positive. I asked him what was wrong with his leg because he limped. He took off his boot and showed me a wooden wedge that was placed in the heel of one boot that reminded him to limp. He said it was Very uncomfortable. He is in no way struck me as an evil person ,he seemed very outgoing ,and as an 11-year-old I liked him.
  • @JanesDough855
    If Walter was alive today, he's probably say, I told you so.
  • @Astyanaz
    At that time, a great many people blamed communism for the protests.
  • He was ahead of his time. Soon, (I pray) God, mother, and country will be popular again.
  • My my, if Brennan was evil--just think how many "evil" people there are in this world. Sure would like to see his old movies in TV because he was a great actor.