Trying DISGUSTING TikTok Recipes

Published 2023-09-15

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  • Fresh pasta is just eggs and flour so grinding old pasta back into flour to then add eggs and make pasta is like taking apart 25 sandwiches just so you can get a fresh loaf of bread
  • @reedr0bin590
    as an italian, I felt my heart completely shattering as the spaghetti got broken and desecrated like that
  • @st6nbones185
    As a child, me and my siblings decided to take a chunk of cheese that was sitting in our fridge and microwave it, then add spices to it. It was ok at first, but then it got horrible, so we decided to add more spices. These recipes reminded me of the taste of that cheese.
  • I love that the first recipe is going to the store to pick up one box of pasta just to turn it into a shittier version of the box next to it.
  • @LizzieZipstl
    As a British person, this makes half of our food look like a five star meal
  • @Adysu
    even my worst of vile depression slop can't even compare to that abomination of a pie

    that this lady made something so unholy while of sound mind and sober is frankly scary.
  • @luhverboy
    we the viewers appreciate the noble sacrifice you have made to your mental stability for our entertainment , ribbit ribbit my dude
  • @GabCla2005
    Let’s give a clap to funkys risky behavior they totally didn’t get food poisoning after this
  • Watching the growth of this channel over the past couple of months has been absolutely insane. You're killing it.
  • @ivy_inferno
    You can ALWAYS tell how much of a disaster a "recipe" will be based on the number of "WOWWW" said by the person behind the camera ✨
  • @Cacrow20
    I’ve made pasta before in class. The first sign was the fact she didn’t flatten it enough. The second sign was everything else. That is a monstrosity and I’m concerned why you put yourself through that, Funky
  • I died laughing about the white trash activities because I’m currently watching this from my living room lawn chair 😂😂😂
  • @Scrimmified
    the fact that them pouring out the mixture right next to a live cockroach is NOT the most disgusting part of that tiktok really says a lot about society
  • As an aspiring pastry chef, the thing that bothers me the most is that those people in the last video didn’t even blind bake the pie crust before adding that monster vomit. It’s gotta be so raw and mushy at the bottom and maybe the sides too.
  • @SheebaMoreluv
    14:08 "Trying to boil Pringles to make mashed potatoes is like trying to send her flowers after she's already taken the kids."
  • @CeeShelles
    The thing that shocked me the most is that the goal for the boiled pringles was a Sheppard's pie... and then she decided it required cheese.
  • @quietzest
    Yknow what? The first time I tried making anything I added a cup (actual glass, not measuring cup) of salt into what was supposed to be a 2 tsp kind of recipe. I was 5 :) I am certain that the resulting concoction, had I been allowed to cook it and eat it, would have tasted better than all of these recipes :D Thanks for sharing your misery!
  • @TheDevilChrno
    As someone who went to culinary school and worked in the industry for ages, I will never cease to be horrified by cooking Tiktok.
  • As a Swiss person I am deeply and utterly horrified at what those people call "cheese". Struggling to remain impartial rn.
  • @addieep6679
    as an Italian, we still love you, funkyfrogbait, even if you broke pasta right in the middle and shredded it