Companies, countries battle to develop quantum computers | 60 Minutes

Published 2023-12-04
Companies and countries are in a race to develop quantum computers. The machines could revolutionize problem-solving in medicine, physics, chemistry and engineering.

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All Comments (21)
  • @AndrewCamarata
    Maybe they’ll make a Skynet, that won’t be boring.
  • @michaelhart2715
    After years of phenomenal growth, computer technology has finally reached it’s infancy.
  • @rgrossi
    I did a paper on this in college 25 years ago, the quantum computer was only theoretical at the time. It’s amazing to see the advances
  • @Pestsoutwest
    For computers to go from binary to quantum is like going from a 2D world to a 3D world of thinking.
  • @roberts2642
    AI, quantum computing, and fusion energy will be the biggest advancements in technology in my lifetime. I'm excited and hopeful these technogies and their future are in the right hands.
  • The presenter has really tried his best to understand things from a layman's perspective and inform the viewers.
  • @SiimKoger
    Kids in 2060 are going to react and laugh at us being amazed by quantum computers.
  • @paulbradbury5792
    Regarding what the medical doctor mentioned about using a quantum computer, it certainly seems to me that one of the biggest problems in medicine is the human physiology is so complex that there is no one size fits all for every patient but that is what is done in the interest of efficiency and cost. There have been people, scientist who have cured their own cancer but it required a targeted medication made specifically for that one person. I would anticipate in the future and that when someone gets a disease instead of taking the next most promising drug, a new drug will be made specifically for that person.., imagine that?
  • @DavidMcCoul
    Great journalism by Scott Pelley. He always presents well-written and thought-out commentary on various scientific topics for 60 minutes.
  • @robertawiese
    An AI on a Quantum computer is fascinating and terrifying at the same time😳
  • @Kritiker313
    I'm amazed by the speed at which technology has progressed. Today, just a little over 250 years since the Industrial Revolution began, we're on the cusp of breakthroughs incomprehensible. As exciting as I find all this, I'm concerned that we humans are stuck with our failings.
  • @thisjoeband
    The Terminator story theme becomes more and more believable.
  • @hannesRSA
    Never trust a CEO with a 5 year timeline. That's when their initial promises are forgotten, they take their millions, and the next CEO makes a 5 year promise.
  • As soon as anyone pulls out Michio Kaku for an explanation, it's over. The man excels at passionately speaking about interesting subjects without ever saying anything at all.
  • I was there and remember 1980 and the first computers at school, now look whats just around the corner. I wish i could be working and digging onto the core electronics of this. Never thought I be alive for anything close to this step. Love and thanks for the great reporting.
  • @151mcx
    The holy Grail will be when machine learning goes quantum... It's capabilities will instantly scale up to millions of not billions times faster than how fast we can think. It truly will be the next civilization.
  • @take5th
    Sounds conceptually similar to how recent fMRI research show that the brain exhibits a coordinated , or coherent, wave of activity in certain regions with resonance in many circumstances; applause, music, etc. the folds of the brain can be seen as analogous to the waveguides used in these computers. Perhaps a large enough quantum calculation is consciousness. Fascinating.
  • @kitt.mp3
    "the quantum computer" at 1:00 is the funniest thing on earth to me
  • @DanRichter
    The remarkable talent of these individuals to distill complex concepts into easily understandable, layman's terms is truly commendable. Their skill in translating intricate ideas into relatable and straightforward language makes the subject not only accessible but also engaging to a wider audience. It's a rare and invaluable ability that turns potentially daunting topics into captivating and enjoyable learning experiences.