Be gentle with Apples new Titanium iPhone 15 Pro Max ... Yikes!

Published 2023-09-22
Apples new iPhone 15 Pro Max FAILS my Durability Test! Grab a Ghost case for your iPhone HERE I freakin' love Titanium. It is the COOLEST metal on the planet! When Apple said their new iPhone 15 Pro Max was going to be made with Grade 5 Titanium - I was flabbergasted. However... it turns out that the back glass of the Titanium iPhone 15 pro max isnt quite ready for prime time. Something is wrong with Apples new iPhone 15 Pro max.

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  • @leokimvideo
    My God, I can't believe how easily that was smashed. I'm absolutely steering clear of this iPhone. The whole Titanium marketing going on has the strong sniff of a scam.
  • @iamsheikh247
    As someone who can't afford to buy these - such videos are satisfying and patience inducing. Keep up the good work Zach.
  • @sesad5035
    Modular back glass at the cost of durability. That's innovation right there.
  • @Nexumbiker110
    Now we see why they made the back glass more easily removable for repair lol
  • Jerry popped that Pro Max of no time at all. This was a great review, practical.
  • @mwlnyc
    if I had to take a guess the titanium was a fix for an unusually breakable design. They went as far as they could, and then made the glass back “removable for repair”. I think most people would sacrifice a small increase in thickness for guaranteed durability. But apples technology superiority, or lack there of, probably drove them to make this compromise for marketing efforts. Kind of shortsighted for the highest margin product you sell.
  • @Muchtoobizy
    That rear glass break is worrying. I often keep my phone in the back pocket of my jeans and whenever I kneel down, there is a lot of bend-pressure on the phone. I don't think the iPhone 15 Pro Max will survive my normal usage.
    I used to have that Evo 3D phone! It was an awful lot of fun to play with. I wish there were still phones brave enough to implement that feature that don't cost mad amounts of money.
  • @sentryfe74
    I think the major flaw with the 15 pro and 15 pro max is the large hole for the wireless charging coil in the mid frame. Not only does it make the whole phone weaker, but also doesn’t absorb and distribute heat properly. The cheaper 15 and plus have a solid middle frame. Better design.
  • @weston6568
    I’m wondering if the heat from the lighter ruined the structural integrity of the back glass. That probably explains why the second one didn’t have that same problem.
  • @DevDunkStudio
    Apple: "Back glass replacements are now cheaper"

    Glass breaks 5x more
  • @LeonAdamsSSC
    Good to see the regular sized Pro model held up much better than the Pro Max
  • The back glass could be broken due to the big gab between itself and the round hole in the alluminum chasis, considering also that the Pro max has a depth of 8.3mm. on the other hand, a similar behaviour won't be found on the 15 plus which has a depth of 7.8mm, basically the glass fit on the chasis perfectly with zero gab.
  • @thorfinn3604
    My wife usually breaks her phones before a year and I thought that the iphone 15 pro max titanium feature could maybe bring a solution to this situation, but after seeing that crack, I returned the iphone 15 pro max I ordered, thank you for this educational video.
  • @abnermoraesp
    Zack, muito obrigado por você disponibilizar para nós brasileiros assitirem seus videos dublado! Video muito bom, como todos! Eu aceitaria este iPhone de presente mesmo sendo todo zoado 😂😂
  • @abdulraaziq7055
    Other reviewers are getting busy with explaining the camera and everything but here we have Zach, torturing the iPhone with a blow torch...and that's why we like this channel...
  • @thkanadaris7160
    How much pressure did you put in order for the back glass to break? I mean, is it possible to happen if you press it a little more in order to fit in a case? It seemed it happened really easy