Andre 3000 - "Darkseid Home" - (Prod by. Herman Roth) - unmixed

Published 2023-07-16
Isiah Rashad - Darkseid
Andre 3000 - Come Home

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  • @ryancagle9465
    One of the greatest ever. The world needs some new OUTKAST. 🤘🤘
  • @joshbrown6290
    Admittedly he sounds dope over this beat, but this verse is from “Come Home” for which he won a Grammy.
  • @maxxx525
    That's why he is the 🐐!!! We need more 3000!!!
  • @MyBaLLsBLoNg
    Back??? Buddy never left!! “Heroes get remembered, legends never die!”- Babe Ruth
  • @SuperCaz88
    Damn I love Andre 3000, he is the epitome of cool.
  • @Charliebzo
    This beat makes it feel like a lost Outkast song. I like it as much as I like real one.
  • @seansmiley345
    Gives me chills still dope as hell Hands down greatest MC to leave the game
  • @EatenByClowns
    There are only a hanful of rappers on this level. One of the best.
  • @chrisfriesen2846
    Why is he sooooooooooo good!!!!!!!! The hip hop genre is seriously lacking today! Hail to Andre 3000 is flow is sooooo nice!
  • Need an outkast reunion it's something about 3000 and big boi that they just complement each other best rap duo ever time to get back to the dungeon
  • @alwayshere6956
    Hes droppin an album soon. I saw this and freaked for a sec like. The allure of song leaks are cool but respect an artists portfolio
  • @flashback7273
    Eyyyy Andre 3000 is one of the best. This is hypnotic
  • @LBoogie1223
    Whoa😮😮😮 Dre... Dont care if its old... His Flo and L.C. is still killing 95% of MCs out now🥵
  • This from his feature with Anderson Paak. Still 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
  • @mrsexyhair1
    Ahh... the sound of real talent & real rap with everything included. How refreshing 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 Where is the rest please. 👏🏾👍🏾💯👋🏾
  • @tbe4259
    I ain’t gone lie Andre got such a sick flow I think I just caught something listening to this 😮
  • @onewayup3785
    Andre 3000 in my top 3 rappers of all time. He is on Mt. Rushmore of Hip Hop.