André 3000 Talks His New Album and Life After Outkast | GQ

Published 2023-11-16
It’s been years since rap legend André 3000 released new music. Now, on his own creative terms, he’s unveiling his first solo project—and talking candidly about where he’s been, how he’s changed, and why he made a record (New Blue Sun) that nobody could have expected. Introducing GQ's first ever video cover story, 34-minute immersive feature, reported by Zach Baron and directed by Noel Howard.

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Director: Noel Howard
Director of Photography: Carter Ross
Editor: Phil Ceconi
Talent: Andre 3000; Zach Baron
Producer: Sam Dennis
Senior Producer: Annee Elliot
Line Producer: Jen Santos
Production Manager: Andressa Pelachi; Kevin Balash
Talent Booker: Dana Mathews; Ernesto Macias
Camera Operator: John Weselcouch
Assistant Camera: Caroline Vazquez; Raquel Wajner
Gaffer: Jon Corum
Grip: Matt Krueger; Dominik Czaczyk
Sound Mixer: Kari Barber
Production Assistant: Fernando Barajas; Masana Cornish; Brock Spitaels; Paul Draper; Robby Fiore; Micky Hohl
Andre Groomer: Iman Thomas
Zach Groomer: Vanessa Rene
Production Designer: Cedar Jocks
Post Production Supervisor: Rachael Knight
Post Production Coordinator: Ian Bryant
Supervising Editor: Rob Lombardi
Assistant Editor: Billy Ward
Designer: Michael Houtz

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All Comments (21)
  • @TraversyMedia
    Just hearing Andre's voice is refreshing and brings me back. He's such a creative yet humble dude. One of the best.
  • @Professorlive
    Dude is still so humble and down to earth. Can't say I still don't want a fire rap album though.
  • I saw 3000 in a Whole Foods in Atlanta. He was signing a kid’s sweatshirt when I walked into the isle. I already knew how he felt about being in public. He looked at me… and I nodded and didn’t say a word. The look of relief on his face as he walked away was 100% worth not getting a selfie.
  • He's really like someone who has gotten to a point in his life where he's at peace with the world. His motivations aren't commercially driven, nor does he feel the pressure to keep doing things to desperately stay culturally relevant. He's making art on his own terms and does so the for the sheer joy of it, and sharing that joy with others. He is levitating with the love for creation in his heart and a smile on his face, and I nothing but my deepest respect for him. My dude has found himself.
  • @artofmichel
    "That's life, you want what you want till you don't want it." -André 3000, such a wise statement. I love seeing his evolution as an artist and human being.
  • @angelam4136
    He's so comfortable in his own skin and committed to being authentic. Thank you Andre for the reminder that everyday normal life is a gift. And thank you to those behind this beautifully constructed and filmed interview. It felt like an oasis, so calm and refreshing.
  • @gernonveir6838
    Andre 3000 is the epitome of "you don't owe anyone nothing", do what makes you happy to benefit your mental health. Be kind to all and Outkast forever.
  • @rhowshad
    I have definitely seen Andre 3k in the most random spots in Philly for a stretch, with his flute. This was within the last 3yrs. People would walk by, double take and immediately hop on their phones to call others to let friends know. Small crowds would gather around, but in Philly, strangers respect space so no one would invade his space without being mindful. One time I seen him and he rocked out with a vocalist who had been walking by, a complete stranger who started freestylin over his flute. She was beautiful, had an amazing voice, and they vibed for about 10 mins. Seen him another time just out reading a book in a downtown park. Not at all trying to bring attention to himself, and again Philly did not bother him. He is forever mysterious, unassuming, and definitely an authentic creative
  • @nettyb9350
    They weren't ready for 3000 back then. They aren't ready for Andre now! A cosmic genius that's always in HIS flow. It's OK to be an "Outkast" when you know, what you know...✨️
  • @Rick-vy1zq
    Andre 3000 is an legendary iconic artist. He's a whole vibe. He's on a whole different field.
  • @ukicheryl
    Andre is one of the rappers who did not go crazy with fame. He looks great and is maturing wonderfully. He has excellent insight into his own future growth.
  • @Blaquebarbgamer
    You can tell he’s living a peaceful life. He looks fantastic ❤️.
  • @SongBender
    I'm glad Andre realizes that nobody's gonna make him feel bad about who he is and still remains humble at the same time.
  • Andre is deep, love hearing him speak, on his thoughts, perception on life , music, etc. Highly intelligent
  • @amason8636
    This Brotha has been MISSED! This video has not been up for a week and has already has over 1 million views. He is LEGENDARY and the growth and intellect is captivating
  • @k80did2
    I love the introspection and self-knowledge Andre brings to his artistry.
  • @orlandoc661
    My mom always says, "Just keep living." You have to live to appreciate this thing called life.
    Salute to 3k and Outkast.
  • @Celesteeee0903
    He’s one of my favorite rappers of all time. This interview brought tears to my eyes. It’s so comforting to see him at peace doing what he loves
  • I really appreciated the fact that he didn't release any music all this time because he genuinely had nothing to talk about, it says how much he cares about his art. He is one of few musicians I really appreciate for their authenticity and talent. I'm really excited to listen to his new record.