DIY 10,000 Year Old Candy vs Jurassic Toothbrush!!

Published 2022-06-25
Let's Find Out If The World's Oldest Candy From 320 Million Years Ago Will Cause Cavities, and Then Use An Ancient Dinosaur Jurassic World Toothbrush To Clean My Stained Teeth!


Smile On :)

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  • Sarah Jennings
    Let’s take a minute to appreciate what he does shoe us and teaches us to brush our teeth
  • *Cinnamonroll*
    I agree about the gummies 😍 (I don't eat any candy only once every 2 months 🤭) congrats on going this far buddy!!
  • bucket
    I love how he calls the toy dinosaurs cute then immediately chucks them across the room
  • Ella & Chloe
    Those look delicious he’s lucky and can we call appreciate how much work he puts in to is videos for us
  • MineTech Frost
    I love how reckless he is while unboxing how he throws stuff and the faces he makes while eating or brushing
  • Aurora Alvarez
    Dental digest is always exerting great energy. That's what makes me come back to this channel
  • 2005GOODE
    I love it when dental digest say it’s disclosing time! It’s so satisfying
  • Nighty Stopmotion
    I like how he calls the triceratops a stegosaurus
    And the fact that he actually thought the velociraptors were like 2 meters
  • HClbn
    Salute to DD for spending 10,000 years making that candy to make this video for us
  • XSheenPlays
    Fact: the dino edible poo is actually Chocolate Balls with Milky Stuff surrounding it! The first time trying it is so good
  • Summer Time Fun
    I love how he throws his toothbrushes and still uses them
  • Mix
    The fact he is giving himself a cavity for his video and too test if the toothbrush set works is brave! #BestToothBrushTester 🦷🪥
  • Abby
    I am so happy 😊 that you have been doing great at brash lately and I now want to name them Tommy and Zach
  • A
    I love how he went “I’m gonna save this for later”and just throws it behind him lol-great video though
  • K and A Blox!
    I love dental digest I love his content is soooo fun to watch!
  • LOL
    The fact that he can name all his dinosaurs is impressive!
    Also I have a question dental digest does it matter when u brush ur teeth hot or cold or is one better that the other?
  • ugly idiot
    DD is not just only a dental student…But he is a great chef..