Published 2024-03-07
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All Comments (21)
  • @IDKisReal2401
    Grian becoming the government has the same vibes as the French revolutionary who started the current Swedish royal house
  • @Cloudy_11
    Grain took more time out of his day to make the permits as confusing as possible, just like government in real life
  • @AjaxXavior
    Grian now has to start a war with himself
  • Grian this season is really embodying the "either die a hero or live long enough to become the villian" thing huh? 😂
  • @LicheyLost
    When Grian was taking about the Hermit Permits Office i could not thinking about the Administration Ninjago episode, glad someone captlized on it.
  • @bunso521
    Etho's desk setup lives rent free in my head
  • @columbinafan
    Keralis politely saying 'this is a robbery' while holding a gun is iconic
  • Turns out the only way to have a government is to let Grian run it. Is that a good thing?
  • @litlsteps8486
    I just love how Joel slowly getting unhinged and deranged the more HC episodes he puts out 😂and also the first time viewers who checks his videos are surprised with his energy and unique sense of humor that is way different from Zed & Joe's 🤣
  • @50d4c4p
    Grian (probably) : "IF U CANT BEAT EM JOIN EM!!!"
  • @L-ghtlessSky
    “Iskall is unhinged” Correction: EVERYONE is unhinged
  • @Codergod24
    "W̴̦̻̙̳͎̗̟̓̒͛͛̂̉͆́͜͝ạ̸̬͔͊̔͋r̵͙͎̖͇̼̰̋t̷͔̣̯̼̫̺̠̉͌̈͗̇̕" killed me lol
  • For joel's pickaxe you made so that we actually had to pause on Your video😂! I've gotten pranked the same way twice
  • @AshleyThePie
    If anyone wants to know the name of scars super fast build mode and they don’t already, it’s Howling by Lupus Nocte, and it’s on every music platform
  • @BeanTheBrave
    “They turned Eh-tho into a shoe” is going to replay in my mind forever now
  • @PardonSylver
    Let us not forget the added absurdity that Grian rebelled against the Season 7 government, that HE started, because he was bored and his puppet mayor candidate didn't win 😂