Reba McEntire Sings the National Anthem at Super Bowl LVIII

Published 2024-02-11

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  • @chicken
    She was discovered at the start of her career singing the national anthem at the Oklahoma Rodeo. Nice full circle moment.
  • @mrjoemarc
    I am not American but i love listening to this song. I feel so proud and patriotic. This is one of the most beautiful national anthem song on this planet. ❤
  • @branditenhaeff
    Reba is beautiful inside and out. Thank you for doing the national anthem with simplicity, beauty and grace.
  • @danuynoah
    I was working inside the stadium and it was definitely an emotional moment for everyone present ❤️
  • @Tari004
    I met Reba waaaaay back in 1980-81 BEFORE she was this huge superstar. It was in the Hudson's Bay High School gym and she was just walking past the rows of bleachers. She was soooo sweet and kind especially since I was maybe 12 or 13 at the time. She was so sparkly & genuinely beautiful. Her voice was so rich & full of all these 'extra notes' that made it sound so complex and better than any singing I'd ever heard before. Why she was in a gym in Vancouver, Washington, is still a mystery to me when even I could tell she was meant for bigger & better things. So pleased to see her success - her talent and drive has her exactly where she belongs!!! Great job!!!!!!!
  • @penmadesen3883
    Thank you Reba! Not only for singing the Anthem in your typical beauty and Grace but so full of love. Thank you for reminding us there is an Anthem that unites all Americans. I have always loved your music, your tv shows, your movies and just the person you are. God Bless!
  • @chicken
    That shot of Chris Jones with tears streaming down his face like a proud patriot...❤
  • I was lucky enough to be pulled up on stage with Reba as a child to sing a Christmas song with her. So genuine and amazing
  • Reba,you are so beautiful inside and out, thank you so much for singing our national anthem, absolutely beautiful ❤
  • @user-im1fn3hl9g
    For me, it was the best part of the festivities at the Super Bowl.
  • @charjcharley
    The Queen of Country Music “Reba McEntire” nailed the National Anthem 🇺🇸🇺🇸 at the Super Bowl Thank-you Reba ❤ you always do an outstanding and wonderful performance.
  • @sncoolguy93
    Sang like a single mom who works too hard who loves her kids and will never stop. A true survivor.
  • You did an amazing job It was a pleasure listing to you singing our country's favorite song.
  • Precious and beautiful. Keep it going...inspiring...a true survivor.
  • @GG-ik8jx
    Loved the KC Player who was crying, a true patriot. GOD Bless American. Thank you Reba you did great.
  • @cmrwrite
    Love that they had a sign language interpreter and Reba…almost cried when I saw them crying
  • @alison23126
    Loved you then and love you now, Reba. Beautifully done. ❤
  • @sandifurman6757
    Reba Reba, I am 91 years young and you absolutely sent. chills thru my body with your beautiful rendition
    our national anthem . What a beautiful person you are and i am so proud to say that I got you to shake my hand and give me a hug when i went to see you at the seven feathers casino in Oregon. .God Bless you, Sandi Furman
  • @sallyryan5699
    Reba, you’re the best!!! You bring class to the song. Made me smile with pride.