Dolly Parton FULL Thanksgiving Halftime Show

Published 2023-11-23

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  • @codiemartindale
    Wait why is there a football game interrupting a Dolly Parton concert? This woman is a legend!
  • @Mars.224
    I have mad respect for her, being 70 sum years old and still coming out giving great vocals and performances
  • @SilentKnight43
    Hands-down the most well-preserved 77yr-old I've ever seen. She looks and sounds incredible. And she does some amazing duets on her new Rockstar album that just dropped.
  • @bossmama7069
    Best halftime show I've seen in a while. It's about time they brought someone out to show how it's done.
  • I'm not a Dolly Parton fan but the fact that she is able to go up on stage and do what she did at her age is absolutely amazing and inspirational. God Bless her!!!
  • @callen8908
    How does one person reach this level of kindness, and be a world famous talent? Dolly is a national treasure and an example of goodness
  • Just a 77 year old performing at a football game… nothing unusual. 😂 Dolly is truly American royalty
  • @rhonettem.1974
    She has true class. So many performances have become raunchy these days and people carry on about them like they are amazing. Dolly is a legend and everything she does, she does extremely well.
  • @BeauDare-ov7py
    Dolly is simply the best there is. A remarkable human being. I had the pleasure of working with her as an actor in Hollywood, and she was a joy to behold. Modest, thoughtful and with a unique way of including you in her life. Hollywood could take a lesson..
  • @luckynumber2305
    Man about time we have a decent half time show! Dolly you are just getting better!
  • @karenhearne
    Freddie would have loved this. You are the Queen Dolly
  • I have no idea what some people are griping about. Dolly is fun, classy, and by the way, is completely covered up to her neckline. She is amazing and in my mind can do no wrong. Adorable and self deprecating "mistakes I've made a few." Amazing energy. Live singing! Legend. Lighten up you wet towels out there.
  • @mariam__1
    She’s 77. Performing in shorts and crop top. Singing LIVE. WHAT A LEGEND!!!
  • @lastcoupe73
    Absolute LEGEND! So happy for her to still be able to perform at her age.
  • @sepifi
    This was absolutely the happiest, most wholesome halftime show I've ever watched! You keep on rocking', Dolly! I can only hope to be as badass as you when I'm 77! 🤩💖
  • @Queenofspades796
    I love Dolly with my whole heart, but seeing her hold onto that star so much presents the sad reality that we won't have many more of these moments with her, despite a lifetime of them. God bless her 💚
  • @cincygirlintx
    I'm just now seeing Dolly's performance, and it is spectacular, as is the woman herself. If I were asked what entertainer I would pick to meet, if I could only meet just one? It would be Dolly; I wouldn't even have to think about it! She is a national treasure.
  • What’s particularly impressive is that she’s not performing to the camera, she’s performing to the actual audience,you can see looking at people and turning around. Amazing!!
  • @MrMCLvideo
    I am 99% sure this is live. She is a legend and she makes serving pipes at that age look so easy!