I Caught Real Scary Myths in Minecraft

Published 2024-02-11

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  • @Bionic
    The adventure beyond the border continues... I hope you guys enjoy todays video 💙 More bangers incoming :D
  • @Hatie_Watie
    This might genuinely be the most terrifying Minecraft series.
  • @asherb4003
    You're probably not going to read this, Bionic, but the gray vegetation was because of a glitched colourmap. You know how the grass and leaves change colour based on which biome you place them in? Beyond the border, something went wrong, and the colourmap didn't know what to do, so it just quit. This would also explain the water. I think the fog in the bamboo forests might have been a similar thing, where there was naturally fog there and the game upped the opacity.
  • @mahwishkhan7047
    I am happy for part 2 of the border maybe part 3 Bonc love your content keep it upface-blue-smiling
  • @TCP_Gaming
    who else think this is the best series minecraft has ever seen? keep it up bonc!

    Edit: why is my comment going viral?

    INDIANS ASSEMBLE 🗣️🗣️🗣️🔥🔥🔥
  • @Jacob_XD.
    For the world border myth, you should use the pie chart on the f3 menu to see if there are any mobs that you can't see with hitboxes.
  • @user-eo4cs1fu4z
    Bionic when you went in the bamboo forest the second time, you could see the invalid entity staring at you through the bamboo. You didn’t see it.
  • @ryanwifhat
    Liger with bionic is just sick! YALL gotta do more videos together
  • @SpeedJAY.
    I love this. but NAHHH i want part 3 NOWWWWWW 💀
  • @Banananana_Vr
    It wouldn’t be a bionic video without someone screaming chill