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Yep the gamer that plays every kind of game including speedrunning mario kart hehe even tho i dont record that but yes i do.
I broke the WR on clicking fastest 21 cps try beating that bet you cant
Goals on this channel
First vid to hit 100 views: IMPOSSIBLE DRIFT PARKING CHALLENGE BeamNG Drive link
first vid to hit a 1000 views:
first vid to hit a 10000 views:
first vid to hit a 100000 views: (will prob never happen but here it is)

Date hitting 100 subs:
Date hitting 1000 subs:
Date hitting 10000 subs: (will prob ALSO never happen but anyways)
Date hitting 100000 subs: (Same whit this one)

FIRST one that i dont know to comment and reply to my video @AlexZ1225 Ty and @drxzy2

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