Nightmare on Cottonwood (Official Movie)

Published 2023-10-31
Nightmare on Cottonwood (Official Movie)

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All Comments (21)
  • @AllStar
    When DDG made Fanum hit the Nae Nae I was out of it 🤣🤣 3:16
    Bro Fanum hittin the nae nae had me crying 3 minutes in 💀
  • @iamDennisDarko
    This actually one of the best rapper movies. Make it to a series mane.
  • @Marcuswithc4
    Nle is a different type of soul. I feel he would be super supportive in someone in need. Funny asf too lol
  • @Itsjustrok
    In need of a 2 hour movie from these guys because this was great, smart, and amusing.
  • @JayLouie-dn2bk
    Suki the funniest of all 😂😂 from her talk, tone, and faces she make
  • @_variousvibes
    Im honestly impressed by this. Not only the creativity, but by how well everyone worked together. Of course NLE shocked me with his acting ability, so when is part 2 droppin? Lol
  • 😂Is it bad that I'm almost 40 and these crazy youngins got me in real tears? Keep up the great work. Like some of your music too.😊
  • @drepatsfan476
    I love seeing the black community come tg and make something self made. I hope Rage, AMP,RDC & even Somebros realize the power they have over the content creation rn. They don’t need nobody else just each other & they could make even more history
  • @Don_Cross2492
    NLE really has a lot of camera chemistry. This is my first time seeing him act and it was surprising how good he is. He honestly could have another career doing it.
  • @emmarolon6990
    13:36 why he on the back on the trunk shooting him like that !!!😂😂😂😂 he really did it with this one so funny mannn
  • @leok8987
    We definitely need a Christmas movie from y’all this year