Celebrating North West's 11th Birthday!

Published 2024-06-18

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  • @tayahtulip
    Kim: “North is gonna go crazy!” North: hi
  • @NishyVasquez
    The fact that she wants to go ding dong ditching for her birthday is everything. I love it when kids are being kids.
  • Ray really went from Taiwan to meeting huge billionaire celebrities. And hopping on people
  • @kdt811
    imagine you’re in your hotel room and you hear banging and you open the door and it’s Kim Kardashian, North West, Mariah Carey, and Kai Cenat 🤣😭
  • @yslgeek
    Crazy how Ray went from being a random kid in Taiwan to meeting Kevin and Kim in the same week 😂
  • @aRIE_o.0
    That tyla comment was ruthless i remember bros rejection made it to the news lmao 😭😭
  • I appreciate Kai’s bubbly and outgoing personality.. me walking in the room with Kim, north and everybody else would been awkward asl
  • @ttypeshii
    “why u always wanna eat noodles?” “i… asian” 😂😂😂
  • @Contygo
    kai is the adult cousin that still plays with the little kids at the family function
  • @izaiahbowler
    I love that he stood on his decision, not to wear the tutu. And didn’t allow them to force him to do it.
  • @Itz_alekz
    Not the rich kids expecting a present 😂 No way this has 110 likes
  • @JoaquinPeMM
    its so weird seeing a rich kids party lol, even the mall was rented 🤣
  • @user-pd1kj8ys2y
    Bro Kim made Kai Cenat babysit north😂 “The moms are sneaking out”
  • @emmssschoatee
    its like everyone there like knows each other its crazy🤣
  • @knight808.
    Kanye finna call Kai an agent of the Matrix again 😭😭😭
  • @savageluis7526
    It’s like Kim rented the zebra from Madagascar to her daughters birthday party for a couple of hours 😂
  • @tinamina5859
    To be young again. Both Kai and North living their best life. Happy Birthday North .