Craziest Minecraft Superflat Facts

Published 2022-05-10
Millions of people play minecraft, but almost nobody plays superflat. However you can do a lot of insane things in this gamemode!

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Credits: @Mogswamp - go check him out!

someone should try to beat the game with "The Void" preset... anything is possible

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  • Mogswamp
    This came out awesome man. I had so much fun, thanks for having me on!
  • I’d love to see a button that allows a natural biome generation on a superflat world so you just have to travel to find the various structures and resources
  • Charles Pelleray
    What could be great is a way to have a superflat generation but with biomes spawning normally and with the structures
    That would resolve a lot and would allow to get almost anything inculding deep dark with ancient cities, ocean monuments, tridents, all the biome specific mobs and even bamboo from fishing in jungle biome.
    I think it’s even not that hard to make a datapack or a preset for a normal world to do that
  • the thing about superflat that people dont think about is how you can customize the generation. i feel that mojang should make it so if the stronghold has room underground it can generate. and if you choose the overworld preset trees, grass, flowers and all stone types can generate.
  • Lander Mortier
    i wouldn't like more biomes because it takes the challenge away i would like that that wandering trader has more trades like bamboe and that there are a few more structers that spawn were you can make a farm of
  • Hannah Milisa
    I think a good update for Minecraft would be for people who play on bedrock edition and on the phone and iPad to be able to make super flat a bit different like you can in Java
  • iMinecraft
    So much effort in your content! Amazing ❤️
  • techheadfred
    Here from Mogswamp's Discord to check out this collab. Great video guys!

    Superflat needs more love from Mojang. Parity for Bedrock players with the Java experience would be a good start...
  • Banana Bot
    I’ve never thought of superflat speedrunning until this point of my life, it just seems impossible
  • You can obtain bamboo from wandering traders. Great video!!! Keep up the great work!
  • Atila Uno
    One feature that mojang could add: to be a button to change the biome in super flat (available in Java and bedrock) (can be accessed without cheats)
  • Tucker
    I like how you guys are talking about how we can now find new structues in superflat, while bedrock does not even have a village. lol
  • Baby Oof
    3:29 I learned this the hard way.
    I was running around and saw the desert temple
    I went inside
    When I got to the chestroom, above it before I can get in, was a layer of sand. My stupid self decided to break it.
    The. Whole. World. Went. Down.
    I had to restart my computer
  • You really just interested somebody to make super flat world hardcore series because of this man, your a legend!!
  • AStickworldFan
    You can also get to the nether by stronghold, there’s lava and you can find diamonds in the chest
  • ilee0820
    its interesting how the wandering trader is actually...good now
  • Nightwing
    Thank you for the entertaining and fun content
  • GodEndy
    You can get the spyglass ones if you customize the world correctly
  • Copt
    Nice vid! It really made me appreciate superflat more.