Seth and Dua Lipa Go Day Drinking

Published 2023-12-11
Seth and Dua Lipa spend a day drinking at Studio 151 in New York City, where they do things like make Houdini-inspired cocktails and play a game where they have to tell the truth or take shots.

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Seth and Dua Lipa Go Day Drinking - Late Night with Seth Meyers
   • Seth and Dua Lipa Go Day Drinking  

Late Night with Seth Meyers

All Comments (21)
  • @maaaags__
    I need a day drinking with Jennifer Lawrence ASAP. Thank you.
    So dua def the type of drunk who acts sober for the most part, than BAM gotta go home 😂
  • @tgnyc13
    No one has ever had more chemistry than Seth and whoever he's drinking with.
  • @solomonomusic
    Bruh I can’t believe how abruptly that ended 😂 she must have been absolutely hammered
  • @cassiecarpenter
    These drunky segments really make Seth shine as a fearless comedian 🏆
  • @TheCruserBoy
    Masterclass in how to be charming without being creepy
  • @Goblinkatie
    I love these Day Drinking segments so much. The way the guests start off so reserved and nervous but by the end are just having the time of their lives… it’s so fun to watch!
  • @MsRaquelD
    "I'd like to apoooooologize to my wife and kids" LOL!!
  • @alexmenke3608
    I can just imagine John Oliver seeing this at night, illuminated by oil lamp light, in full stocking pajamas and a night cap, with a single tear rolling down his face, and lamenting his decision to be Stand Up Boy #2 in Vegas
  • @LizEffington
    I would literally get alcohol poisoning within the first half hour drinking with Seth 💀
  • @emdesigns7941
    I was honestly shocked at how Dua was trying to keep up with Seth when they started taking shots!! I knew there was no way she was gonna last if she kept it up - props to her for trying though lmao
  • @MrCrockaG
    That was a wild amount of tequila shots in a very short time, so that ending was definitely not a surprise!
  • @hesgabe
    "I'm fine...I'm just checkin' on the ice." Was absolute gold.😂
  • @iggysixx
    "Rank 'em." :') She came out swingin'
  • @FarhanahRoss
    This makes me love Dua, like I feel like she's so chill to hang out with. I do worry these guys should have some snacks while drinking, instead of IV drips the next day or a bad hangover.
  • @Clipdix
    Not only was this amazing chat but if I'm drunk and Dua Lipa calls me babe I'm melting as well
  • @garethbowden2424
    Seth is such an outrageous flirt! Day Drinking has to be one of my favourite shows. The veil just falls away from these celebrities and they just turn into silly goofs. It's actually pretty endearing ☺️
  • @thewatch1234
    Dua is a doll, real down to earth, and what can I say about Seth, also down to earth, a pleasure to watch them just having fun.
  • @sydneymantei4826
    This is what you call a QUALITY segment and talk show! Well done Seth Meyers team!