Native Korean Speedruns Duolingo Korean (but it gets heated)

Published 2022-02-02
im still salty about the same-age girlfriend question
also because of this, duolingo's sending me auto-emails again helpppp

(also, wow, video-editing speed has been top notch this week. enjoy it while it lasts lol)

Part 2 Video (after update)!!! ➤
Singing K-pop While Driving ➤
How to Read Korean in 20 Minutes ➤
한국말로 말하기 (Speaking in Korean) ➤
Korean Weather in a Nutshell ➤

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  • Noah Morley
    I did the same thing for Japanese. To test my infinite wisdom, it asked me to translate 母が包丁で背中を刺した. That translates to: 'My mother stabbed me in the back with a kitchen knife'
  • darby
    I’m a Korean major and I think the biggest problem with the duolingo course is that it prioritizes specifically and often omits context. As you mentioned, sentences can entirely change based off of context, so this course as wronged me multiple times for not guessing the hypothetical context that it was in.
  • F.-J. J.
    They recently added Haitian Creole. Although I'm thrilled that more people will know about my language, I was not happy when I kept making "mistakes" on it because they're using phrases that no native in their right mind would use.
    Still happy to be on Duolingo tho. People usually don't acknowledge us. 😊🇭🇹
  • I find it weird that the 3rd lesson in the korean course has sentences like "the baby's cucumber" or "the fox's milk"
  • AdriGoddess
    There was a video that went around that highlighted the English test Korean students have to take for college (I think) and a group of English students took that test. The questions and answers were so weird and odd; all the English students failed the test.
    I'm a native Spanish speaker--it was my first language. When I took Spanish in high school here in the States (for an easy 'A'), I remember getting so upset at the teacher because he would use phrases/words that no native speaker ever would.
    I think every country is like this: butchers another language that a person is trying to learn. 😂
  • Reyanna Corf
    Shout out if you’re scarred by the phrase “this cucumbers milk” from learning Korean from the base starter level because honestly what is cucumber milk 😭
  • Himlich
    I tried out the Japanese duolingo (already fluent) to see how far it goes. On the short test I got every single answer right and was placed at beginner level... One of the questions was to translate "when did the russian communist revolution happen" and another "with chemistry it is possible to extract hydrogen from water"(which I had to Google because who the fuck knows how to say hydrogen and Russian communist revolution), it's nice to see that duolingo really does have some stupid mistakes in all languages.
  • I'm not Korean, but been learning Korean on and off for about 3 years, due to my professional procrastination levels. LOL I know most food words in Korean, colours, basic introductions, some swear words (The most important, of course) and am still trying to read Hangul, though only certain letters stick with me, so I really need to try harder. Anyway, this was great! lol Duolingo is wild. I never used duolingo, because that owl looks murderous and I feel like it wants to hold me at gun point if I don't practice.
  • FoxZero99 gaming
    "Something about economy is economic"

    Yes honey tea has honey
    Yes the floor is made of floor
    Yes my female friend is female
    Yes my dog is dog
    Yes light makes light
    Yes teachers teach
    Yes potato chips are made of potato
  • natajax
    I'm using Duolingo (& other sources) to learn Korean. I find the app good at teaching vocabulary but otherwise clunky. But, unexpectedly, also often hilarious. Favorite sentences of the past few weeks (I always try imagining a situation in which I would actually get to use them):
    "There are no roads in Korea"
    "The baby is making a phone call" (I put "a child" and Duolingo marked it as wrong)
    "That woman's family are coming from the bathroom together." (What were they all doing there, together ??? Why did not she go?)
    "A chicken is selling an egg" (That's just cruel!)
  • Shawn Champagne
    Hey man! There's actually been a pretty big update to the Korean Duolingo course and I think you should give this a second try! There are now 5 checkpoints and it would seem they might have actually fixed some of the crap that was wrong 🤣
  • Aurora Karras
    Ok but like this gives the same energy as when your parent has a masters degree in math but cant do your homework bcs the teacher wants you to do it a certain way.
  • as i was learning german i got "Oh nein, das Sandwich ist zu lecker!" which means "Oh no, the sandwich is too tasty" 💀
  • Shuhan Piano 2017
    their language lessons aren't as good, but...ngl their little animations and graphics are adorable.
  • Kendalchen
    I'm a professional language trainer and when my learners say they're learning Duolingo I smile and nod and say that it's probably fine for passive language/bits and pieces, but today is the first time I've seen their app in action. Going from some of those example sentences, I was like...did native English speakers even write those little blurbs? A trophy "in which" to show their appreciation? Nobody says that. I now know even more to tell people to take Duolingo with a grain of salt. I mean, their staff can't even figure out relative clauses and they're apparently based in the U.S. ;/
  • draculiaa
    another issue is that they expect perfect english translations as well, they had me translate 도넛 which is obviously easy but i wrote donut thinking it was fine and they marked it wrong because i was suppose to put doughnut.. like bruh
  • S_ SpiritStar
    I feel like when learning a language sometimes it just gives you words you’d never say. For example, I’m a Mandarin learner, and I just have to say I have had so many people tell me the words I’m learning literally no one uses in mainland China. How fun.
  • OllehRebelz
    To clarify: No, you're not 2 when you're born on Jan. 1. You age basically when the clock strikes midnight from Dec. 31 to Jan. 1. So people born on Dec. 31 are 2 the next day. People born on Jan. 1 have to wait a year to turn 2. Hope that makes sense.
    Formula to calculate Korean age: Current Year - Birth Year + 1.
    Ex. In 2022, a person born in 2002 would be 21 years old in Korea.
    How does this make sense? Think of it as how many different years you've lived in. In the example above, that person lived in 21 different years (2002~2022).
  • rileyirl
    i remember i made my mom do a placement test and she said "WHAT THE HELL WHAT DO YOU MEAN THIS IS WRONG" every time she got something wrong