Marvel's Spider-Man 2 - They CONFIRMED it!

Published 2023-06-02
Marvel's Spider-Man 2 - They CONFIRMED it! We got a crazy amount of news for Spider-Man 2 recently and today I wanted to go over some new story details that we got out of all the interview Insomniac Games did for the game!

Full Press Start article for Marvel's Spider-Man 2 can be found here:…

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Kraven’s Hunters are in pursuit of Dr. Curt Connors, AKA The Lizard, and Spider-Men, Peter Parker and Miles Morales, need to stop them.

Launching Fall 2023, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is the next game in PlayStation’s critically acclaimed Marvel’s Spider-Man franchise. Developed by Insomniac Games in collaboration with Marvel Games and PlayStation for the PlayStation 5 console.

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All Comments (21)
  • @Caboose
    Who's ready to see more of this game?!
  • @ed1tion69
    Insomniac never fail to amaze us with these games. The effort that is put into them is outstanding!
  • @LoganLawrence
    I really hope after the story ends, the symbiote is still usable instead of only being Usable in a certain act of the main story.
  • @user-Kenshi122
    I can’t wait to play Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 I’m ready to pre-order
  • As much as I would love to see Green Goblin and/or Hob Goblin in this game, I think it would be best if they hold off on having them as villains in the game until the 3rd game when they can focus a lot of time on them.
    The effort that insomniac is doing with this game is way to amazing they never disappoint 🔥
  • @angusyoung119
    I think debating the timeline is something of a non-topic. I think it makes sense for Miles Morales to take place after the first game, cause that game ends with Miles finding out he's a Spidey, and then the MM game has him fighting his first big city-wide threat on his own.

    The second game NEEDS to take place after, for MM's character growth, it just makes the most sense.
  • @jardelafiune3026
    I can’t wait to see a New York more alive than never with more details on the buildings, more people in the streets, more cars and trucks, improved graphics and new animations and traversal. Especially when you web swing with the black suit in a new aggressive style. I’m pretty sure that the best is yet to come. They will blow our minds. 🕷️🍫
  • @calisthetics
    Since they went with the addiction angle, I wonder if Peter will show symptoms of withdrawal once he gets rid of the symbiote. That would be interesting.
  • I’m interested to see how New York reacts to two different Spider-Man operating at the same time. They touched on it a bit in MM, but I want to see it more in depth.
  • I just hope they allow us to control weather we use the black suit or not like in web of shadows, its so cool seeing the symbiote take over spider-mans suit
  • @Yozzer2781
    two things i hope we get is a HUGE ammount of Character Bios to look and read about everyone within the game as well as being able to play as peter and miles in feast or some other places see that side of the story too and also in free roam. (also want the new across the spiderverse suits with gwen in the game)
  • @ericcombs2236
    I would love to have a choice/consequence type of game with different endings. Who else would love to see this?
  • @ctkook6477
    I hope we get some side missions that don’t follow the main story. I think that was awesome about the Arkham games is that you can take a break from the main story and go off on a really cool side mission
  • @DonE_
    Been waiting for coverage/content on this game for the longest time. It feels good to be hyped again!

    Looking forward to more interviews/gameplay trailers.

    Maybe even another demo/showcase thing (?)
  • Caboose, do you think any of the villains from the previous game will factor into the story of this game is some way? Doc Ock, Vulture, Mister Negative? Or do you think they’ll just include villains they haven’t introduced?
  • @console72hrs18
    My only issue that I had was with the HUD. I think the ability wheel in the bottom left is too far in the center of the screen. Would prefer if it was a bit further in the corner. But this is just personal preference and a minor critique of course
  • @AnimeJR9025
    I think we should have more new villains like Sandman, Mysterio and Michael Morbius.
    With cameos of old villains.
    Also we need Stan Lee's statue excelsior.
  • @NotDbone562
    I think sandman is in the insomniac Spider-Man universe. There’s a Easter egg in one of the backpack collections where you find a small jar of sand and Peter confirms he sealed the sandman away☠️
  • Id love to see insomniacs take on Spider-Man villains like sandman, hydroman, molten man, mysterio, chameleon and big wheel