Patrick Mahomes | Ring 3 | The Chiefs Dynasty

Published 2024-02-26
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00:00 Introduction
01:20 Week 1 (Lions @ Chiefs)
03:35 Week 8 (Chiefs @ Broncos)
05:16 Week 11 (Eagles @ Chiefs)
08:00 Week 13 (Chiefs @ Packers)
09:12 Week 14 (Billls @ Chiefs)
11:03 Week 16 (Raiders @ Chiefs)
12:10 Week 17 (Bengals @ Chiefs)
15:04 AFC Wild Card (Dolphins @ Chiefs)
17:08 AFC Divisional (Chiefs @ Bills)
21:11 AFC Championship (Chiefs @ Ravens)
24:35 Super Bowl LVIII/58 (49ers vs. Chiefs)
28:00 4th Quarter Drive to Tie
29:08 Game Winning Drive
29:59 Conclusion

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  • @josephboyd2996
    Or you gotta have the rest given you the game every Super Bowl the rest giving you that game like they did this last Super Bowl it was fucking rigged
  • @baddriver7559
    I swear if the mdia starts arguing if the chiefs are a dynasty ill lose my shit. They are a dynasty now 3 rings in 5 years thats the definition of a dynasty there is no debate anymore never a doubt!
  • @caseyperry496
    Won a Super Bowl with Dru Tranquil (acquired from the Chargers) in Raiders stadium, planted the KC flag on their 50-yard line, had John Elway bring them the trophy. That's an unreal amount of winning.
  • The Chiefs are the only team ever to win multiple playoff games in 5 straight seasons. They've won 8 straight division titles, made 6 straight conference championship game appearances, and been to 4 of the last 5 Super Bowls, winning 3 of them. If that's not a dynasty, I don't know what is. You can argue the all-time status of it once it's done, but it is unequivocally a dynasty.
  • @melvinshine9841
    "HE REGULAR!" Whoever said that learned the hard way that that man, The Reaper In Red, the Kermit Voice Killer, is anything but "regular".
  • @robg8203
    I think the best motivation for Mahomes was Jason saying "So you're only as good as your receivers?" He took that to heart and got the Chip!
  • "I decided we are going to win the super bowl." Best manifestation ever!
  • @jjooonneeess
    Allow me to reintroduce myself my name is ‘MAHOMES’ Love that 😄
  • People hate so much on his greatness it's krazy! Mahomes well be the G.O.A.T. at the end of the day!
  • @10thletter40
    I felt so good after Rob Gronkowksi said the winner of the Bills/Chiefs didnt matter since neither of those teams would beat the Ravens 😂
  • @fredmason3267
    This is, by far, the best '23 Chiefs tribute video I've seen. You showed all the disappointments and failures of execution throughout the season. Gave us all the negative comments of the doubters and the haters. And then, after the disappointment of Christmas Day at Arrowhead, you showed triumph after triumph as they would not lose again. Football Jesus, Pat Mahomes, rises yet again to secure the Chiefs' place in history with the other NFL dynasties. Nice work, sir! #3peat
  • @kcnoise
    Nicely done. The disrespect to Mahomes this season was beyond obnoxious. The Cowherd lackey especially. That’s why if the three this is my favorite. Great as 54 was and stomping all over the media after 57, this one was doubted by most Chiefs fans. What a payoff.
  • @zachmcmahan8481
    Bro this was so well done. Best tribute video I’ve seen. Number three (of the Mahomes era) was so special because of all the adversity this team had to overcome. This video did such a great job of showcasing the brutal low points of the season, and it really helps bring perspective to how this season culminated in a Championship through sheer resilience and determination. Officially a dynasty… Let’s go Chiefs Kingdom! How about those Chiefs!!!
  • @Pomerons
    Seeing how this season went and still winning the superbowl is crazy. So blessed to have Patrick Mahomes as my QB
  • @markymark2820
    Lol I love Chris Broussard. Him and Nick are a match made in heaven with persona's that bounce off each other perfectly.
  • @delmonte30
    Man, I'm sitting here watching this? Im about to cry, and I can't stop it. I'm just happy for each player living their dream.
  • @derekmathews1557
    The Chiefs are officially a dynasty! 3 rings in 5 years and 4 overall rings overall.