Do I Have ADHD?

Published 2018-06-25
Rate yourself on these 18 core symptoms of adult ADHD as Dr. Greenaway describes each one. Find out if you might have ADHD. If you'd like to see more videos related to psychology topics such as ADHD, anxiety, and depression, Subscribe now.

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  • Noah Radomski
    Damn this is the highest score I’ve gotten on any test smh
  • Charlie Ward
    i think as an adult its weird to answer these, because as we grow up we develope strategies to deal with this, i make lists to keep thoughts in order, organize stuff in ways it cant be forgoten, have routines almost like a tik of checking phone, keys, knife wallet in my pockets... its why i dont loose stuff much anymore, its why i can hold down a job as a mechanic. we can even benefit from using our hyperfocus as a plus
  • RandaPandaMusic
    That awkward moment when you try to take an ADHD test only to get distracted and not finish it...
  • Organising and prioritizing tasks is piss easy. It is remembering to stick to the plan that is my biggest problem.
  • veggiet2009
    2:01 explaination of the scale

    Part 1 - Attention Deficit
    2:28 symptom 1: accidental mistakes
    3:30 symptom 2: sustaining attention during tasks / play activities
    4:30 symptom 3: focusing on conversation
    5:10 symptom 4: follow though
    6:00 symptom 5: difficulty organizing
    7:39 symptom 6: avoiding long tasks
    8:20 symptom 7: often loses things
    8:57 symptom 8: easily distracted
    9:58 symptom 9: often forgetful
    10:40 It's possibly ADHD
    11:11 other things that can cause symptoms

    Part 2 - Hyperactivity / Impulsivity
    13:03 symptom 1: Often Fidgets
    13:20 symptom 2: often leaves seat
    13:45 symptom 3: runs about when it's innapropriate
    14:04 symptom 4: unable to play quietly
    14:20 symptom 5: on the go
    14:45 symptom 6: talks excessively
    15:10 symptom 7: answers quickly
    15:40 symptom 8: has difficulty waiting for turn
    16:05 symptom 9: interrupts
  • Brandon McLeod
    I was a 2 or higher on every one. Always thought I was just broken. Nice to hear I am not alone and others have gone through all this. I'm 25 and am having a consult with my Dr tomorrow.
  • Phil Haynes
    Very good way of explaining ADHD. The confusing thing about it is that many symptoms overlap with depression. I think that's why I only got formally diagnosed at 34. I'm sure I have both ADHD and depression, but stimulants have a much larger impact on my brain than anti-depressants, so think I'm more ADHD than depressive.
  • What a great video, providing us with examples of each symptom. I'm seeing my psychiatrist on November 11. Until then I'm trying to figure out what is going on with my brain. Thank you!
  • Matt East
    The test starts at 2.25 for those fast forwarding through the talking. 1=sometimes 2=often, 3=very often.
  • Max Marker
    So the question is how do I go about getting help.. I've researched for some but end up getting overwhelmed and putting it off. I tend to do that a lot. Also thanks for the video. Growing up I was always told I was smart but I had anger problems.(around7-9 years old and took anger management) I was obnoxious. Blurting out answers. Had troubles focusing on reading even though my grandmother was a reading tutor. I had some troubles sleeping at night because I would just lay there feeling anxious (I didn't know what it was at the time but felt like I was going to Disney world the next day. Always getting kicked out of school or getting detention. I did well on my math test in middle school and high school but slacked in doing any home work. I didn't Even bring my instrument home from band and practicing it at home. Something I enjoyed doing. Which I haven't done in years. I'm 28 now. I've had troubles keeping down jobs even ones I liked because of some stupid reason or another. I enjoyed delivering for Amazon because I enjoy driving and it was good exercise and I was good at it. I always thought it was just anxiety. Which it could be but after watching several videos on ADHD and this one video. I honestly think I have it. It just sucks no one pointed it out before. And I have a hard time following through with things. I don't have medical and I don't even have a general physician. So it's not like I can talk to my doctor about it. Anyways sorry for the over sharing and thanks again for the video and any extra help is appreciated.
  • Ogaitnas900
    I'm writing these down and using them as a guide for when I talk to my psychiatrist soon. There are SO MANY things in my life that could be explained by an ADHD diagnosis (including that one time as a child where they tested me for it! ha) that if I don't have a guide I'm sure I'll just sound like a manic hypochondriac.
  • veggiet2009
    I have an incredibly high score on the Attention Deficit Side, and a very low score on the Hyperactivity side. My hyperactivity score might be higher if everything was mental, like I don't talk excessively, but I often think excessively while someone is talking, I also think about how I would do a task someone else is doing.

    I do find that there might be analogues to the answers that are primarily for children, instead of running around the room I will often sit in an unconventional position on the chair, or opt for sitting on the floor when chairs are available, and I will move in position and trade chairs in long meetings and events. I did this as a child, and still at 35 years will do this.

    I also will often not do my work at my desk, the moment I got a laptop that allowed me to work I was all about it, using conference rooms, co-workers areas (when they let me) depending on the day I might move about or I might pick one spot and stay. I don't know if these fit the descriptions of the symptoms, but It feels like it satisfies the urge to run around.
  • Leo Pereira
    Turning 24 this year, my whole life I always thought I was just airheaded and fidgety. Never bothered to be assessed because I never exhibited the "stereotypical ADHD hyperactivity"-- the running around all the time, can't keep my body still, etc (although I've always fidgeted A LOT and never noticed it), so it couldn't be ADHD right? ...Right?

    Literally didn't have anything below 2 in any of the questions. Guess my mom was onto something after all lol
  • Buck Rogers 2000
    I greatly appreciate your actually referring to DSM - 5 and explaining how each manifests. I rate pretty high into most, if not all. I'm going to see if I can weasel a VA appointment to get an official diagnosis. THANKS!!!
  • Black Sheep
    I relate to these so much I always thought it was just my personality or me being dumb
  • Susan Williams
    This helped me so much, trying to figure out the ones I wasn't sure about to fill out the self assessment my doctor gave me. Some of them I didn't understand, so the examples were super helpful. thank you.
    I scored mostly threes, lol.
  • Ennello
    I'm so glad I got diagnosed when I was 6. I never stuggled in school, but I was just wild. I graduated valedictorian in high school, but then started struggling at university, as all of a sudden I had to put in amounts of work that I never had to before. If not for an ADHD diagnosis, I would've been lost and confused.
  • Martina
    The exampels for adults are so helpful, thank you very much!
  • Zachary Easley
    Do you organize your bookshelf like that to see if it’ll trigger a response? Lol
  • Thank you so much for making this video. I have struggled for my entire 41 years, thinking I must be stupid. I rate very high on all of these.