This Is Mongolia! πŸ‡²πŸ‡³ ( Asia’s Nation Of Madlads )

Published 2023-06-01
πŸ‡²πŸ‡³ There aren't many countries as unknown and as mysterious as the one called Mongolia. All we know is the name Chingis Khan and nothing else pretty much. Well I wanted to fill in the blanks in my mind and travel to the vast remote country slap bang in the middle of Asia to see what it was like. And unlike the few other YouTubers who are had visited Mongolia and just ridden a horse or stayed in a tourist yurt, I was going to go to the mean streets of the cities and to meet the people. And, well, see for yourself what happened...

Cheers to backpacker ben for driving us around the country. Check out his channel @BackpackerBen

Special thanks to my friend Paul who lives in Mongolia and who took me under his wing when I arrived. Without his help I'd still not have a SIM card or had been able to hire a car. See you in the South of France mate πŸ‘

Also thanks to Olivia 'Dogecoin' who took me to the worst transexual bar in Mongol

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  • @villelepoaho4105
    Bald is the type of guy who accidentally meets the mayor of a Mongolian town just because of a language barrier. This channel never gets old.
  • @batu2345
    i love how you accept every sidequest without any hesitate
  • @petya_english
    The amount of characters in this video is crazy I love it
  • The whole video was hilarious. I will explain some parts here if you did not understand any Mongolian language. 1. The very first old guy who seemed friendly and followed our Bald in the market was asking Bald money after his "helpful" tour around the market and insisting Bald use a bathroom, although, Bald did not need to as well as giving him some bodyguarding service. The old guy literally said, "I will go home now so give me 10,000 tugriks" in the end. 10,000 tugrik is around 3 bucks. 2. When Bald was in Baganuur city, or town as he was referring to, the lady was guiding Bald to her boss's room. She really thought Bald was there to see her boss. She was mumbling "I don't know if the boss is here" to herself and she finally brought Bald to the president of the city. The president looked truly confused haha. 3. Bald said it. "This place is more Soviet than the Soviet Union itself". It kills me how many drunk Mongolian can possibly bug you and ask for money in Mongolia. Ben's friend in Darkhan was a typical drunk Mongolian guy that you can find almost everywhere. It was funny when they shouted c'mon together. He tried to talk bad about his wife but the amount of English he knows stopped him, luckily. I do feel sorry for him having that problem. Thank you, Bald. I have seen quite interesting things in the video. It was kind of heartbreaking to see those youngsters, that Bald met in Darkhan, calling each other gay and homo in a clear insulting way. Dang that hotel was horrible. How come they don't even wash the bedsheets? The vodka bottles on the rooftop are common, though. Finally, here we go again. The drunken masters. Poor people... how happy they were after Bald and Ben gave them some money. The cash was around 6 bucks.
  • @eton13_
    When the world needed a hero, Ben stepped up and gave us an hour long video.
  • @beepst
    I love how language barrier can lead to some of the weirdest and most surreal human interactions lmao
  • @2308Oliver
    love this channel, no ad, no BS , just a guy walking through a strange land.
  • @roaddogg800
    There's literally no other YouTube channel that brings me more enjoyment thanks yours! Bravo! As a fellow traveler and adventurer, these journeys inspire me!
  • @Mongol1232
    At 38:55 the first guy and the second drunk guys are my father’s childhood friends. Both of them were boxers in their 20’s. First guy’s name is Amaraa and second guy is Turoo. Sad that they became like this. I think i will visit them in Darkhan with my father. I believe Amaraa was the national champion in the 80s.
  • @halla359
    Mongolia looks like an unfinished videogame map
  • @bananacyclist
    I am SO glad you are still making your wonderful videos Bald. Thank you for creating my favourite YouTube channel! Best wishes
  • @jorditimmer2840
    Hey Bald, I just want you to know that I love watching your videos. You always find the warm feeling that seems to be missing in countries with more material "value". Can't wait for your next video, have a good one!
  • @Emperor.H
    I think your friend Chengis was easily the most difficult person to communicate with on your recorded adventures so far haha, it was really surreal trying to see you interpret what he was saying.
  • @vgor7868
    One may have thought that Ben already found all the crazy and colorful characters around the world. And then, out of nowhere, a Mongolian with a rake shows up πŸ˜‚
  • I enjoy your videos so much! Glad you teamed up with Benjamin and enjoy the history info you add in!
  • @paulringel3291
    As always, super inspiring and natural and no BS. Just real life in another place on earth. Love the content ❀
  • @alexbrasovan
    A one hour long bald and bankrupt video out of nowhere? That's the stuff I live for
  • @John_Conner222
    Can you imagine sitting near a lake in the middle of nowhere with only a few of the townspeople you see everyday nearby for years on end and nothing ever changes. Then one bright sunny day a giant bald white guy with sunglass comes out of nowhere, walks up to you and hands you an enormous pack of cigarettes, waves and walks away. I can't imagine what was going through his mind lol. Also hope you get better man. If its serious enough to warrant leaving the country and going to a western hospital that is not good. After reading your description of this video it sounds like we need a Bald after Dark channel. An age restricted channel that lets us see all the stuff you can't post here lol.
  • @LOL-cringe
    OMG, I grew up in Baganuur until I left Mongolia 20+ years ago. I've been to the administration building like once, and I don't remember it having a water fountain in the center. I've never been to the old Russian base; I always wanted to, but because I was little, I was never allowed. So, it is super cool to see what it looks like. Also, saw your comment defending the country, I appreciate that. BTW, i don't know if you noticed this (24:53 - 24:55), the lady showed much respect to you by putting one hand under the hand that handed you your change. Mongolians do this to show respect to their guests. You see that often when someone give you tea or airag mostly in the countryside or often during Tsagaan sar and Naadam.
  • @shannonlee7014
    Your channel is amazing, no ads, no sponsorships, just real life and raw vlogging and your approach to the local people is amazing. This is what you call traveling the world and experiencing the culture. Unplanned but amazing. Your historical facts are amazing 😊