The Chef - Animation vs. Minecraft Shorts Ep 32

Published 2023-09-16
Minecraft food is boring, time for an upgrade.


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Double Apple
Imp For Hire
Brian Nguyen
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All Comments (21)
  • @SleepingInGrass
    Love the fact that 5 highly skilled stickmen that probably went through one of the most life threatening events in their life can still loose to a humble chef.
  • @kongoe
    I like how every season in these series start off as small, funny skits, but progressively turns into intense and action lore
  • @Patifaha
    The fact that Alan manages to show the stick figure's personality without making them talk just amazes me.
  • Its pretty nice that throughout the episode, Blue was already making his own master cookbook, that only thing left that he needed was the chef's approval.

    (Too bad Green was just too hungry and exhausted to feel any sort of accomplishment.)
  • @hypemugen
    I love how not even all 5 of them together were able to take on the chef but at the end, green's sheer power of frustration and hunger over powered him in a single blow
  • @hevvodka6851
    As we can see, more chefs actually needed in this world. They're very useful.
  • @TeslaX106
    I love how Blue has a profound revelation about the nature of being a chef and then Green just punches the guy for selling them an overpriced book cover, and the other 4 just chow down.
  • @Nugcon
    Love how they made cooking in Minecraft feel satisfying. Incredible animation and sound design
  • I love how he managed to successfully strike down 5 diamond swordsmen with a simple kitchen knife
  • @zipper3434
    Damn, after this video I really wanted an update in Minecraft that adds cooking of this level, I would like more food, more recipes and more cooking equipment, and if possible a new type of villager: chef, It is thanks to him that you can get some unique cooking ingredients. It would also be cool if residents sold special dishes depending on the biome. God, I hope the Minecraft developers do something like this in future. :)
  • @siretoad115
    Yet another episode where I’m like “how’s he gonna make ____ into an interesting episode that lasts that long?” And then it turns out to be a cinematic masterpiece.
  • This feels like a massive love letter to mods like farmer's delight.
  • @Kristoff485
    As a cook myself, I'm glad we're having an episode that is based on cooking and food. Thank you, Alan!
  • @PomadaGaming
    No one appreciating the fact the chef completely humbled these fellas without missing a beat or his book. Lol
  • Alan really did a “Maybe the real cookbook were the dishes we cooked along the way”
  • @RoundusMongus
    I have no idea of the significance of it, but I like that all the cooking utensils are differentiated from their combat counterparts by just being gold.
  • what can I say? another wonderful animation by Alan Backer, this animation is really EXTREMELY difficult and complicated to do, this should have more recognition than it has, it shows that this animation is wonderful, good job Alan :)
  • @WalkerOnYT
    The fact that they made macarons is very professional, its one of the hardest baking desserts in the world!
  • @Faiz868
    I like how the gang immediately resorts to violence on the villagers they saved, over a cookbook.