When Someone Requests Tennessee Whiskey and This Singer Steals The Show

Published 2023-12-22
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All Comments (21)
  • @ThuggDugg7
    Not only does she have soul and a voice , she's beautiful too
  • @tommyhooks7767
    She's great, and thank God, she knows it ! She has the gift, that is not taught, not learned, it is given. When she started singing, I closed my eyes,and absorbed every beautiful note she sang !
  • one of the most beautifull voices and woman - this Lady is a star - once more a great combi with dovydas
  • What a colab! Gave me goosebumps from the first tone she sang. Amazing talent and incredebly beautiful!
  • @lz8484
    She sings this song beautifully ❤
  • @lz8484
    Loved this version by Sara, you compliment this song!
  • @Ron71997
    The power and control by Sara is amazing...the soul of this song just oozes out with every note played and lyric sung. Wow!
  • @hadassah2998
    She has a beautiful voice and he is always amazing on the guitar, the dynamic duo!
  • @JupiterJane1984
    This girl has some pipes on her, and very easy on the eyes too😊👍
  • @sapelesteve
    Well done Sara & Dovy & I am certain that Chris Stapleton would approve! 👍👍
  • @bigsouthstrength
    Chris Stapleton is one of my favorites and my favorite to sing this. But man, she sounds very very good.
  • Hair raising talent. God bless you for bringing so much hidden talent into the light. Great performance.❤
  • @BeCoShooter
    Great tone. Could listen all night. Hope you have a record deal.
  • @davidsantos8206
    Sarah is so lovely and so talented. Thanks for entertaining us