A Look at Nostalgic SpongeBob Foods & Candies

Published 2020-04-10
The SpongeBob Squarepants franchise is one of the most iconic, recognizable and marketable brands in recent history, appearing on what seems like millions of products. The franchise has spawned several licensed food promotions and products, why don't we take a look at them?

From cereal to gummy candy to ice cream with gumballs, today we take a look at several forgotten nostalgic SpongeBob food products.

Along with food, in this video we also discuss the case of stolen SpongeBob inflatables, and various attempts at a real life Krusty Krab location. Many people will recognize these products, but few know their full history, and that's what this video is for.

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Music (in order, all SpongeBob production music):
-Heat - The Blue Hawaiians
-Nostalgic Hawaii - Jan Rap
-Hula Festival - George Elliot
-Bell Hop - John Shakespeare
-The Mob - Sam Spence
-War Blowers - The Blue Hawaiians
-The Tip Top Polka/The Cliff Polka - Chelmsford Folk Band
-Stars and Games - Alf Saro
-Tomfoolery - David Snell
-Grass Skirts Blowing - Jan Rap

This video was made for educational, archival, and entertainment purposes. Made out of a love for the products and franchise involved and to spread awareness. No copyright infringement intended.

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  • @del9101
    The day those ice creams get discontinued is the day I’m gonna hoard them like cookie cats
  • @birdlegscass
    Hillenburg drew a hard line against Spongebob ever promoting fast food directly. That's why a true, real Krabby Patty has never been sold. Most of the merchandising seems to have been, naturally, out of his hands, but he was vocal about that one point
  • @CJCroen1393
    "Contrary to popular belief, you probably shouldn't eat a whole bag of gummy Krabby Patties in one sitting."
    Yeah, 'cause it'll go right to your thighs. And then you'll blow up.
  • @vanveleca
    Sometimes when I'm in a low mood I return to this video. The genuine love and enthusiasm for spongebob on display here puts a smile to my cynical little face
  • My grandpa used to run a very successful fish store named el crustaceo cascarudo (mexican dubbed krusty krab), and while there were no statues, the whole place was covered in really good artwork of the characters
  • @authorlacey
    At my grandma's for sleepovers, we lived off of SpongeBob fruitsnacks and gummy krabby patties. We'd wake up to watch SpongeBob and enjoy these treats in between meals.

    I'm glad SpongeBob is a worldwide loved character. For how much joy he brings into the world, the least we can do is keep SpongeBob popsicles around.
  • I went to a knock off krusty Krab restraunt once, it was pretty creepy and mr krabs was green but the food was pretty good
  • @MLPDarkRainbow
    In the Netherlands, they used to sell a SpongeBob chocolate cookie. These were extremely popular and featured images of the characters on them. People would always be exited to see which characters they got! Unfortunately the company appearantly lost the license for the SpongeBob franchise and the cookies have been discontinued. :(
  • @RoligtStudios
    Your videos are so oddly nostalgic and warm. You know a story or book that makes your stomach feel well-fed and your body slightly toasty? That’s what your vids are like and this is the prime example of that.
  • @bluefox646
    Steven Hillenberg didn't want to give the impression that everyone had to like Krabby Patties so there wasn't ever a real Krusty Krab officially.
  • @webkinzxxx
    4:59 I used to have the snoopy one all the time because of its simplicity of just chocolate and vanilla. And the lack of gumball eyes meant I didn’t have to pick them out! It was my favorite!
  • @Frog888
    I remember making a 100 days of school project out of SpongeBob macaroni. Nearly 20 years later, I'm sick and depressed watching this video and craving SpongeBob macaroni for the first time in years. I haven't been eating much and the nostalgia is kicking in. I'm about to cry.
  • @pixelgamer9470
    an actual Krusty Krab with the approval of nickelodeon should be made
  • I’m Palestinian and I’m so happy you brought Salta Burger up! Was so cool to see it being mentioned. Thank you!
  • @seronymus
    This video is way more wholesome than it has any right to be.
  • @amongg5973
    If you haven't powered through a box of Krabby Patty gummies in one go, you don't get to say you had a fulfilled childhood
  • @hullaut
    The last time I had a Spongebob popsicle was when i was 9 and mine melted very fast. Bleeding eyes, vampire teeth and everything.

    It looked like Spongebob was in a pool of blood. I literally had to get a Tupperware bowl. In just a minute, it was covered in red liquid.

    I was traumatized. At least it tasted good until I realized I was basically eating Spongebob alive.
  • @spicy767
    When ever PatMac talks about Spongebob, all is right in the world. Its oddly...soothing to hear him talk with the hawaiilian music play in the background.
  • what you've done is made me accept my love and obsession for nostalgic toys. I shut down that part of myself for so long. thank you for inspiring me
  • @msrandomgirly
    I remember my late grandma bought me the gummy patties back when they were labeled with nick candy. She knew I loved the show and she'd never seen them in candy stores before and bought them for me. Its a very sweet memory.