ARTHUR THE KING Trailer (2024) Mark Wahlberg

Published 2023-11-15
ARTHUR THE KING Trailer (2024) Mark Wahlberg, Nathalie Emmanuel, Simu Liu
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  • @KiddoToonsHindi
    This trailer just upgraded my expectations for what a movie can be. Amazing! 😍😍
  • @JensMolund
    I remember when this happend. Was really huge news here in Sweden. Unfortantly Arthur the real dog got a tumor, and died right before the filming started. But.. he lived a really good life. He lived with a family up in the northen part of Sweden. Lots of safe places to play at, never was hungry, hiked with his new owner. He really lived. <3
  • @TimeBucks
    These are the movies we need right now.
  • @Ksnamaste
    In these crazy times I’m definitely in need of a heart felt movie
  • Brought tears to my eyes. I found my best animal companion in Georgia (the country) where they treat street dogs like rubbish. She's a beautiful Husky and seeing her so skinny to the point of death, it broke my heart. I took her in and she became the best dog I could ever ask for. Super smart, super friendly and as loyal as they come.
  • @planetdisco4821
    Goddamn it! I’m a 54 year old Aussie construction worker and Any movie with a dog in it always brings me to tears lol. Thanks Mark for bringing us a movie to make us feel good! Just nobody make eye contact with me when I watch it! 😂
  • @kateluxor2986
    I've never heard of this story...until now. This is the type of uplifting story of family, love, friendship, grit, determination, courage and faith not only in each other but in a lost dog that chooses them as his "family." Oh, yeah, I am so in.
  • @yta8888
    No one is a dog person, until they met one. Its hard to explain the relationship between a person and a dog, but its just a beautiful relationship to have, it really could change the life for better good, for both.
  • @user-rs2xr5mf2y
    Mark is on a roll with his movie choices the last few years. One of my favorite actors. I’ve been saying it would be cool for him to do a good series sometime. At least a 2 season show.
  • @MTCDiana
    I wanted him to find a sword midway his journey and turn this whole story fantasy lol
  • @tatikto
    Arthur and Michael´s story is amazing… I have followed them since the race in Ecuador! I am so glad the movie is out.
  • @EnduranceHunter
    So stoked for a movie about our incredible sport of adventure racing!! I raced in the World Championships the year after Arthur and everyone was still talking about him ❤️🙌
  • @omicron26
    Thank you, Mark for producing more inspiring movies.
  • @byronbravo1972
    un perrito como muchos en el mundo, este perrito de Ecuador hizo amistad con una persona que le brindo su comida, y a partir de ese momento lo acompaño hasta convertirse en su mejor amigo, los animalitos dan todo su cariño y a veces no son correspondidos, me alegra mucho que en esta ocasión si fue correspondido y Arthur el perrito de Ecuador mi país tuvo muchos dias felices hasta sus últimos días.
  • @ElDector
    Mark y su constante interpretación de hechos reales. Será motivadora como sus demás trabajos (like).
  • @gsmboutiqueable
    I'm from the Dominican Republic. This movie trailer hit me hard, I miss my beautiful island in the Caribbean sea. Seeing the trailer and recognizing almost every place is priceless.
  • Una historia que empezó en una carrera en la selva del Ecuador, sin saber Mikael que le cambiara su vida totalmente al compartir una albondiga a Arthur, ese pequeño gesto le otorgó a este perrito llegar a tener una vida llena de amor, siendo leal hasta el final a su amo.
    Gracias por este enorme gesto con una película basada en esta historia de aventura pero sobre todo de amor y lealtad.