THE FALL GUY Trailer (2024) Ryan Gosling, Emily Blunt

Published 2023-11-02
THE FALL GUY Trailer (2024) Ryan Gosling, Emily Blunt, Aaron Taylor-Johnson
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  • @mryashoo2218
    Ryan's Stunt Double:
    " I'm the dude playin' the dude, disguised as another dude" 😂😂😂
  • @rmallow300
    I love it when they manage to condense the whole movie in to the trailer. It's like I don't have to watch the movie I feel like I saw the whole thing in 3 minutes!
  • @mr2981
    Ryan Gosling has built quite the career portraying stunt drivers.
  • @dangerass1982
    I'm a fan of Gosling. His subtle, dry humor is great, and, even when he's playing a dork like in The Nice Guys, he still has a cool swagger about him. Then he does something like Blade Runner 2049 and makes a stoic robot charismatic and cool.
  • @butchgreene
    As a kid, I was so intensely focused on the show intro of Fall Guy just to see Heather Thomas come through those swinging saloon doors. Every. Single. Episode.
  • @absurdseba
    The first man, a gray man, la la land, a nice guy, a fall guy, he's just Ken, K in Blade Runner, a real human being, and a real hero <3
  • @ganganor4964
    It’s crazy how good he is in action, drama and comedy. Since the Nice Guys, I think he could own the action-comedy genre
  • @BradPham
    Lee Majors was the OG Fall Guy whom also sang the show's theme song, The Unknown Stuntman.
    Would be great to have Gosling do a version for this movie. They used to do things like that in the 80's - Bette Midler's Wind Beneath My Wings for the movie Beaches, Whitney Houston's I Will Always yadda yadda for The Bodyguard, and similarly Billy Ocean's When The Going Gets Tough music video with Jewel Of The Nile stars Michael Douglas, Kathleen Turner, & Danny DeVito getting into the swing if things with some serious choreography.
    Cheesy but it's what the world needs right now, I tells ya!
  • If your bored and don’t know what to watch, just go through Emily Blunt’s filmography, you’ll find gems in every genre. She picks the right roles for her career every single time.
  • @melissaburke5682
    One of the best shows from my childhood and now with Ryan Gosling!!!! Omg!!
  • @absurdseba
    he's a real human being, and a real hero
  • @vangdavid2
    Emily Blunt is one of the most versatile actresses! She's killing it in every movie!
  • @gibu002
    I -- CANT -- WAIT -- !!!!
    I loved this show when it was on TV and these two actors are fantastic. Should be a great movie!
  • This movie represents the era of meta-media stories that are self-aware in tone and metaphorical in subtext. It’s one of those movie-of-the-week type deals but with an underlying message based on a traditional theme such as love. The chemistry looks to be the selling point here and gosling is at his best when he does comedy. Blunt is always excellent in whatever she does. Much like bullet train it looks like a fun ride. Will check it out.
  • The fall guy with Lee Majors was one of my favorite shows on tv prime time back in the day
  • @botcrack
    the intro with the helmet removal and the hair in the eyes and the blue steel stare...that was too much for me man, f-in hilarious 😂😂
  • @phillipdoran7323
    Looks pretty damn good. Gosling is hard not to laugh at when he gives that smirk.