10 Modern Platformers You Must Play

Published 2023-11-11
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Platformers are one of the oldest video game genres around, they’re a staple of the gaming industry that have a timeless appeal. In this video I run down 10 must play platformers you can get on current gen platforms, from classic series like Mario and Sonic to unique games like Astro’s Playroom and It Takes Two. If you’re looking to test your coordination, timing or simply kick back and play a light hearted game, here’s a great list for you!

Intro: 0:00
Game 1: 0:25
Game 2: 1:07
Game 3: 1:41
Game 4: 2:25
Game 5: 3:02
Game 6: 3:43
Game 7: 4:30
Game 8: 5:13
Game 9: 5:51
Game 10: 6:31
Outro: 7:24

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All Comments (13)
  • @ProjectGamerYT
    I tried to find a diverse range of different platforming games. Some are pure platformers, some are sub-genre platformers. Hope you guys enjoy, let me know which platformers are your favourite 😄
  • @RTJ2008
    Psychonauts 2 is super under rated, one of my favourite games of all time
  • @aweigh1010
    Check out the fantastic Demon Turf, one of the best 3D platformers to come out in a long time. It's awesome.
  • @JacobOlli
    I love platformers 😎👍.
    Highly recommend: Tinykin.
    Which feels like a mix of Pikmin/Toy Story and Banjo-Kazooie. A great game of you love collecting/exploration in games.
    I still need to play the Ori games,
    And Rayman Legends is probably my favourite 2D Platforming game of all time.
    I still wish Origins was on newer systems, since i haven't played it.
  • @JustinNintendo
    Super Mario Bros Wonder is a way better game than I expected it to be