Mountain Men - Heartbreaking Tragedy Of Tom Oar From "Mountain Men"

Published 2024-04-18
Mountain Men - Heartbreaking Tragedy Of Tom Oar From "Mountain Men"

Anyone who has seen the popular reality show "Mountain Men" has definitely been captivated by the mysterious Tom Oar. An intriguing figure in the world of notoriety, Tom Oar is known for his tough lifestyle and extraordinary survival skills. Tom Oar is a legendary mountain man whose tenacity, ingenuity, and fearlessness have served as an inspiration to countless people; now is your chance to dive headfirst into his fascinating world.

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  • @randalcook325
    I watch mountain men only to watch Tom. He is a wonderful, gentle man. His wife is also a wonderful person. Blessings to both.
  • Tom Ora It's a real man's man. I love his shows. He has so much knowledge so much information to pass on to the generations to come, He's truly a good man. I wish Tom and Nancy nothing but the best . From Arizona
  • @deborah5212
    Everybody Loved Tom ❤ RIP MY DEAREST TOM. ! Bless his Wife !🙏🙏
  • @wbreese9903
    What a waste of 17 minutes. Full of mis information and contradictions.
  • @grorob52
    I don't think he is gone as it is implied
  • @BarbaraL8574
    RIP Tom you will never be forgotten. Our sympathy to your wife family and friends
  • @mstiffanyblack
    @MattOlshove-fk7us Thank you for the heads up! I instantly thought he had passed due to the wording in the title. Even tho it doesn't say he died its still very misleading, with words "Tragedy of Tom Oar" so, i thank you in advance as i now listen to hear what the "tragedy" is and pray its not a click bait title. Not that i want it to be a " tragedy" but, i will now listen & find out. Thankful he's not dead!! 🙏🏻
  • I know this is AI voiced. I think it is AI written too. This is truly garbage.