Mountain Men - Heartbreaking Tragedy Of Tom Oar From "Mountain Men"

Published 2024-04-13
Mountain Men - Heartbreaking Tragedy Of Tom Oar From "Mountain Men"

Whether interested in hunting, tanning, trapping, or tracking, the History Channel’s Mountain Men was the perfect show. In addition to the show being a gold mine for basic outdoor skills, it was not only the invaluable tips that made it exceptional but the captivating personalities behind the show could not be more suitable. One of the stars, Tom Oar, a former Rodeo Cowboy, became a cherished figure on the show. Is Tom’s health deteriorating? Are the speculations true? Join us to explore the heartbreaking tragedy Of Tom Oar from Mountain Men.

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  • @JoJo-oc2zp
    What a wonderful tribute for Tom and his family. I loved the show and missed very few episodes.❤❤❤
  • @sonyagraske376
    This was amazing. Love this man and his wife. I miss this show.
  • @aliced4452
    Love Tom and Nancy, wish they would come back or atleast.let us see them..we miss them so much!! God bless them and prayers
  • @stacy5445
    Tom and Nancy will always be my favorite💖💖 stars!, 🙏Prayers for them! God Bless you both!
  • @donames6941
    Tom is my favorite mountain man i could set for hours just listening to him talk
  • Thanks to everyone that took part to make this show 1 of the most watch. Blessings to all.
  • Tom has always been my favorite!!!😎💪🙏🙏🇺🇸🇺🇸
  • @fredgrunder6348
    The 1st time I saw Tom & his wife was on an episode of G S L. My favorite YouTube channel, Tom and Nancy were so real and friendly I watched some of their other shows and love them both. What a great life they have, God bless them both.
  • @cheryljames6687
    It's just something about Tom, that draws you to his wise and knowledgeable personality. He's also a humble and giving fellow. I enjoy the show very much. My dad was a hunter and the show reminds me of him, when he would go check his rabbit boxes and how he taught us, how to skin and gut squirrels/rabbits clean, wash and cook em'.l also like to see Marty trap ...He's smart and uses his common sense to work out situations. These 2 are my favorites!!...l love the show. ...C.J.
  • J'ai suivi fidèlement et passionnément toute l'histoire de Tom et ses amis. J'ai passé des moments merveilleux avec ces familles courageuses, j'ai ressenti de l'amitié et de l'admiration pour eux. Je vous remercie tous ! ♥
  • Tom et sa femme sont des personnes tre attachantes et sans prétention, des etres merveilleux que l'on aimerait rencontrer, longue vie a eux,dommage que l'on ne les voient plus