Little Eidolons

Published 2023-06-12

An open-world rpg where you can catch, train, and battle with over 100 varieties of monsters!

Gameplay is performed by navigating the overworld until you encounter either a wild Eidolon or an opposing trainer, which transitions the game to battle mode. Battle mode uses turn-based mechanics across a grid to allow you to fight - until all foes are defeated!

If you (the little wizard guy) fall in battle, it's an immediate game over! So you'll want to use the rest of your team members to protect them. But there's benefits to getting the finishing hit - if they defeat a wild Eidolon, you'll catch it and add it to your team! And if they defeat a trainer or their Eidolons, said character will drop an Eido Gem, an item you can have a unit pick up during battle to permanently enhance them.

Arrow Keys: Move player
❎: Pull up team menu, which allows you to view your Eidolons, and toggle party members

Arrow Keys: Move Cursor
🅾️: Select character, choose a space for them to move, or an enemy/ally for them to perform an action on
❎: Deselect character, pull up unit info sheet

Coding, sprites, and sfx were made by SmartAlloc

Music was made by Gruber and Oto

Uses UltimaN3rd's Binary Save System

Uses thisismypassword's shrink08 minifier

Cover art was made by Redlink101

Additional thanks to FReDs72, Heracleum, merwok, ultiman3rd, AcousticLemmon, null, pancelor, morgan, and SquidLight for help, beta testing, and feedback.

1.0.1: Resolved an issue where a speedy player could input a second action before a unit's first one finished.
1.0.2: Resolved an issue which allowed players to teleport their units.
1.0.3: Added a new menu theme, compliments of Oto!
1.0.4: Fixed spawn intersection issue, legendary respawn issue, and modified the way the X button affects enemy range display and enemy details display. In addition, buffed the action 'Maximum Jelp'.
1.0.5: Resolved an issue where game bugged out when multiple button presses where made after catching an eidolon, and one where you could teleport the evoker after defeating a foe.
1.0.6: Minor map and volume changes