The Carpathian

Published 2023-06-12

Hi all. I'm a graphic designer in my 50s and this is my first complete game (be gentle, heh). I was inspired by the LazyDevs Shmup tutorial and wanted to make something that felt a little arcade-y but which was a platformer as well. Most of the code came from following the Shmup tutorial code and solutions, coupled with some tips on creating a platformer from Nerdy Teachers. Honestly, I don't know how to categorize this game. Clearly it draws inspiration from Castlevania, but is a single screen wave/level/chamber at a time rather than side-scrolling.

I had a lot of fun creating this. The palette changes required a LOT of planning but it all worked out, and creating the sprites for it all was very satisfying. There are countless things I probably can do better on, code-wise, but I'm happy just to have completed it under the token limit, heh.

Have fun playing and see if you can defeat the Count!

Version 1.6
Fixed Issues: