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The Road to the Asia-Pacific War: A Century of Tension and Skirmishes [1839-1941]

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Published 1 year ago

We Back!!


[0:10] Introduction
[1:18] East Asia: Two Powers:
[03:57] Chinese Empire: Century of Humiliation
[07:55] The Great War and The Revolution:
[13:27] Republic: The Warlords Era:
[23:05] Empire of Japan Vs Republic of China
[30:12] The War Expands
[36:20] The Road to Pacific War

This video is best to view as a collection of events that expands the World War Two to the Asia-Pacific. It is heavily focused on events that happen in China, followed closely by Japan, as well as events that occurred on Islands in the Pacific, in some way play a significant role in the arm conflicts. To understand what motivated Japan to started the War in the Pacific, we must first understand what happened in China, where at the time are under the constants state of unbalanced. We started in the era of the beginning of the fall of the Qing dynasty, followed by the events in which ends the period of isolation in Japan. Following these events led to the other events, and eventually led to World War II in the pacific.

Special thanks to NILS Bachellery for providing voice and helping me writing and spotting the mistake in this video.

A little facts when making this video: I started writing this video early this year. Initially, it was intended to be as a no more than 10 minutes video. Later, The script is gradually expanded to make sense on the Map, as well as focussed heavily on Warlords Era (Because why not). This video entered the animation phase in early July and by mid-August, entered the rendering phase. The rendering phase takes up to two weeks (I initially underestimate the time needs to finished rendering, the previous project usually takes 3 days). Now that we had finally finished this video, we will be back on South-East Asia theatre projects.


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