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🐕Your animal is...🐕✨//Meme//Gacha life//Original?

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Published 6 months ago

hallloooo✨ Welcome back to my description🐕 this is it the video i promised.i know its not that good but i will try to improve my editing soon and try to post weekly.🤍 ⚠️Spoiler alert ⚠️ this video is about animal or animal tail of the humans and there's a girl who got a rare one but mistaken by a cockroach🪳and there's a attacker on the school and she decided to fight🪳🪳🪳🪳🪳🪳🪳🪳 by just adding the cockroach emoji makes me scared😩 by the way!i have so many ideas so it may be possible for me to post one's or twice a week but still i have some work to do 📃📚📝 if there is just a f2f✨ audio used in the video: https://youtu.be/shw7xIzGX5o https://youtu.be/pB8ZNnNHWyU tags- #gacha #gachatrends #gachalife #gachameme #youranimalismeme #Youranimalisgachameme #original? #trend
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