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👑 Start the royal game ✨|| meme || gacha life || 가챠라이프 {Original?}

Devil Bona Devil Bona

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Published 5 months ago

Sorry for making the video too long TvT;; I took over 700 screenshots to make this. 🥲 I hope you can understand the meaning of this video TvT. I tried to make it easy but I don't know if it is easy for you guys to understand..... 💦 (messy + weird video) ———————————— *This video might get deleted ❌ Discord Server Link 🔗: https://discord.gg/Q9zKCkXs Kakao Openchatting Link 🔗: https://open.kakao.com/o/g094uDLc ———————————— Apps: - capcut - gacha life - ibispaintx ———————————— Tags: #gacha #gachameme #starttheroyalgamememe #starttheroyalgamememegacha #gachalife #devilbona #가챠라이프 #가챠
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